How to create a free business account using Yahoo?

Small businesses looking to connect with the customers and can get a website for free. Yahoo Small Business is there for you to fulfill your business needs. The senior advisor of Yahoo Small Business initiates the effort. She has advised small business people on the way to get online to simplify the transition as economies restart.

Yahoo Small Business provides web hosting for domain name registration, websites, and e-commerce services, website design templates for business email. It comes with domain web hosting plans, email storage, unlimited disk space, data transfer, and many more. You can create a free business account using Yahoo in a few steps.

Steps to create Yahoo Business Account

·         Go to the home page of Yahoo Small Business

·         Click on Sign-in option and click on Create account link

·         You will be redirected to the sign-up page then, check the email

·         Now, click on the Activity my account option

·         In the end, access your account with login ID and password

Benefits of having Yahoo Small Business

If you have Yahoo Small Business then, you will have a few benefits which we are given below-

·         Create a website with simple yet elegant design tools

·         Business promotion visually with slideshows and galleries

·         Show number of visitors to the website on the monthly or daily basis

·         Websites are backed-up in different locations to ensure they will work in even emergency

·         Show the product demos, customer testimonials, and speeches by using video galleries

The get online offer comes consultation time with the Yahoo Small Business team professionals. Other features that are designed to help Small Business includes-

Mobile Access

Accessing Yahoo Business Email on the iPhone or Android-based phone needs email client software that can access mail via POP3 or SMTP. Setup procedures depend on the device and software you are using. The Business Email Control Panel, the online configuration resource you can access via the Yahoo official website. It allows access to all the settings you need for email connections via Mobile devices.

Sending Emails

If you commonly send long email with large attachments, then choosing this service is great choice. Yahoo Business offers up to 25MB of communication storage update. It might exceed some of the receiving limits of correspondents' emails. It is also careful to remember that by keeping with spam and abuse policies, Yahoo limits the messages number which you can send in the hour or day. The number of recipients you add to one email. The service will not reveal these limits so, you will not know if you have triggered them unless Yahoo alerts you of the account limitation duration period. Try to break large batches of outbound messages into smaller parts. Then send several emails to the smaller number of recipients instead of one message to the long distribution list.

Account Security

If you are concerned that someone else has gained access to the Yahoo Business Email account, you can view several days of Online Yahoo account details. Such details include login dates, locations, times, and the methods that are ideally used to access the account. The user can set the “Location” to show either geographical detail or IP address of the PC that signed in. You also can see unfamiliar location details or login information, then change password immediately. In case, if you are failed at multiple attempts by anyone else or even you then, login into your account can lead Yahoo to lock it for 24 hours. At this time, you cannot sign in to your account at all.

Signing up for Yahoo services brings you into some of the other products that Yahoo connects with Tumblr and Flickr. You can create a business profile on different websites by using a Yahoo Mail address.

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