10 incredible kathiyawadi cuisine

Gujarat the beautiful place you ever see. Gujarat is not only popular for its places or its festivals but also for its food. There are so many varieties in food like Dhokla, jalebi- phaphda, Dabeli and many more. The most famous dish in these place is Kathiyavadi a spicy and fiery cuisine you will find only & only in Gujarat. It is one of the oldest cuisines of India that is gaining popularity for a wholesome, fresh meal made with simple ingredients. This cuisine is originated in kathiyavad region of coastal Gujarat that comes under Saurashtra. The kathiyavadi thali gives you positive vibes it includes starters, main courses , side dishes and also desserts. Gujarat has amazing restaurants with these Kathiyavadi delicious bhojan like Himalaya, sanskruti , Sheetal, Pangat it not only serve Kathiyavadi dishes but also kathiyavadi theme. 

Here are the 10 tasty cuisines:

1. Ringda no Oro:

It’s a classic dish made from roasted brinjals & combined with greenChilies, ginger & spices. This dish is also known as baigan ka bharta with this you will also get bajra nu rotlo. Which is so famous in Gujarat. These is dish is so tasty that you should try while you visit gujarat. There are many more cuisines will definitely bring saliva in your mouth.

2. Bateta nu shak:

It includes potato with spicy tadka in it. Which taste so amazing. It also called sukhi bhaji this you can eat with puri

also. It is popular as potato curry in

Gujarat. Fulka roti is also preferable with this. It’s a wonderful combination of sesame seeds, curry leaves & ginger green chili which make it more delicious.

3. Lasaniya bateta:

This dish involve potato with the mixture of garlic . It served with rice papad or fryums. It also go with chapatis. It’s a delicious curry if your palate can tolerate the fiery taste of red chilies. It’s curry has hotness of garlic, red dry chili & few spices which balance with the subtle sweetness of potatoes.

4. Vagharelo rotlo: Shredded flatbread cooked with buttermilk & seasoned with spices. It has chopped roti with vegar in the roti. It can be served in lunch as well as in dinner as main course.It’s a tempting, spicy and tangy Kathiyavadi dish. You can made with the pending bajra nu rotlo.

5. Undhiyu:

These is the famous dish in Gujarat. It includes so many vegetables. It includes Cilantro leaves, ginger,garlic, green chilli Pepper. These is the seasonal dish. Surti Undhiyu is a variant that is served with puri at functions. At some places undhiyu is made on matka which called matlu.

6. Vaghareli khichdi:

It again is the delicious dish, It is cooked by putting vegetables in khichdi. It’s

simple rice & moongdal khichdi with aromatic tadka. It can made with leftover khichdi, it is so known in these place. It popularly called as ram khichdi in Gujarat. Khichdi is very good for health.

7. Kaju karela:It is prepared from bitter-gourd and cashews . It is one of the dish includes favourite list of wedding menu. Bitter taste of karela is masked by adding spices, bitter gourd. Used for medical values. We can made different dishes with the use of bitter gourd. It also known as bharwa karela.

8. Bateta vada:

A mashed potato balls battered with gram flour & deep fried until crisp. It’s a Maharashtrian dish with gujarati flavour. It will be more enjoyable

with chutney. It can be eat with bread or pav for more enjoyment. Combo of bateta vada & green chillies is a spicy combination and you will definitely like it if you like spicy food.

9. Methi thepla:

These dish you will find in gujaratis tiffin while travelling. It can be served in breakfast, lunch it can be eaten at any time. It includes methi in the wheat flour. It is easy to make & easy to digest. It’s a simple & verstaile flatbread made with wheat flour & Fenugreek leaves. Its so tasty and also good for health.

10. Aadiya pak:

 It’s a wonderful dessert. Dessert is important after main course. You should try this one. It’s kathiyavadi dessert & it is prepared with healthy ingredients that keep body warm on winter days. It made from coarsely grounded urad flour, jaggery, ghee, edible gum, dry fruits and flavoured masala. 


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