1. How much time it will take to get my article approved?

- It may take 6 hr - 7 days to get approved for an average article.

2. How to get article approved and published fast?

- We consider articles on several phases, some are listed below (but not limited to)-
  - Your article should not be less than 300 words.
  - Your article must contain the Preview image.
  - Your article must not be copied or spinner article.
  - Your article must not contain more than 10% plagiarized content. 

3. My article is approved and published but not counting hits as earning points, why?

- This is a commonly asked question, let us describe why your article is not making money for you. On mixreads.com we treat monetized articles who are eligible with the several conditions listed below (but not limited to)- 
  - Your article must be human written (not spinner or rewritten article).
  - Your article must contain 1000+ words in order to get monetized. 
  - Your article must contain an image. 

4. How many first days after publication to generate earnings?

- It will start earnings in 30 Days after publication.


5. Why my article is rejected?

- Maybe your article contains less than 300 words.
- Your article contains more than 10% plagiarized content. 
- You didn't attached the image.