10 myths about Covid-19 Vaccine Debunked

10 myths about Covid-19 Vaccine Debunked

Almost a year later, After this Covid-19 declared pandemic by WHO, vaccines are developed from the whole heart and soul efforts from scientists of different part of world in research lab, where they goes in clinical trials and after deep analysis of their effects by those health experts, Vaccination programm get green signal. But,  As people all over the globe get vaccinated,  so comes the controversies and myths about the vaccines . Those myths spread around the globe as the fire of the forest, Which seeded the disbelief in the mind of the people. So, now we should know those myths about vaccination programme and debunk them.

1) It is believed in some group of people that these vaccines are not safe, as they developed so fast.

It is false , that vaccines are not safe just because they developed so fast.  As we know that vaccines passed through different clinical trial and during those clinical trials different experiment performed regarding safety. And everyone should know that during any such clinical trials, no measure regarding safety compromised irrespective of time taken to development of those vaccines.  Now ,why they developed so fast because as time advances science advances and now, we can find and detect viruses for such experiments and clinical trials easily. 

Another reason is that this corona virus is similar to SARS and MERS virus which eased the process of Covid-19 vaccine development. 

2). People have doubt whether covid-19 vaccine has long term effect. 

Covid-19 vaccine has long term effect than any flu vaccines as per examination during experiment. Firstly This vaccine is so effective in terms of its effect in human body that by time we can eradicate corona virus and win the war against this virus. Second of all, we don't have any weapon against the threat of corona virus, so,  we don't have any option and Covid-19 vaccine are only option now irrespective of whether their effects are long term or not. 

Regarding side effects of Covid-19 vaccine, there is no such side effecy found during clinical trials as per health experts and if they show, side effect will be detected in few hours and can be treated immediately.

3).Another myth about Covid-19 vaccine spread that one can get Covi-19 infection from vaccine. 

This is unreal ,as vaccine developed from either mRNA from which infective protein developed  or from dead virus . So this case is closed about being getting infection from vaccine.  Talking about chill,  fever and headache we got ,after being vaccinated ,because of our immune response . Protein inside our body,  of the vaccine,  making our body immunity against the infection.

4). You have listen from many people saying that " i've already had Covid-19 infection.  So, i don't need to get vaccinated"

As from the report of The CENTER FOR DISEASE control,  this is actually a false approach. Because result shows that vaccine offered better result,  then, the person whom get infected . And chaces of getting infection again is absolutely about to null in former case. 

Secondly, test is always not that accurate. So, many of time person misunderstand or falsely believed that they are infected . So again getting vaccinated is safer process for sure.

5). People with diabetic and heart attack condition should not get vaccinated. 

It is believed that with such condition, getting vaccinated may worsen the situation and may be life threatening but this is not true. As , in case, they get infection they are more vulnerable from severity. So, for these patients vaccine are compulsory. Person with such condition must confess their concern over the topic to doctors. This will produce best result.

6). It is believed that people with suppressed immunity should not get Vaccinated 

Again people with suppressed immunity ,like the one with cancer, are more vulnerable for severity from vaccine. So, vaccine is must for those patients. Vaccine give them protection from the Covid-19 infection,  as,  vaccine does not contain live virus. Patient with suppressed immunity does not get as much protection as the one get with normal immunity but still useful against this infection. Again should discuss your concern with doctor.

7). Myth about vaccine altering the DNA of the consumer is common. 

This is again not true, Since,  vaccines are made up of mRNA ,which is readymade from viruses, or  dead viruses. This does not mean that mRNA based vaccine can alter DNA make up. 

Actually a normal mRNA made from DNA through a process called Transcription. mRNA contain triple codon from which we get amino acids and amino acid are building blocks of protein so mRNA tranfer into Protein,  through a process called Translantion.  As these mRNA are already made from virus. No chance of involvement of DNA can occur. So , from this, it is clear that your DNA does not alter after getting vaccinated. 

8)  Another myth of getting infertile after being vaccinated. 

It is not true, as during clinical trials and under examination,  there is no reason found that vaccination can cause inferlity.  So, there must be another reason of men becoming infertile after being vaccinated. 

9) It is believed that breastfeeding and pregnant women does not get vaccinated. 

If breastfeeding and pregnant women catch infection , they must pass this infection to their baby . So,  they have to be vaccinated. If pregnant women catch this infection, it may seen in various cases that miscarriage and premature labour occur.  And vaccine doesn't contain live virus, so,  there is no such reason for pregnant and breastfeeding women to not getting vaccinated. 

10) Another myth is " Once you get vaccinated,  you don't need to wear mask and perform social distancing"

Vaccine are not 100% efficient, so,  there is still chance of catching infection. But this is not severe in case you are vaccinated. And if you not wear mask or perform social distancing,  you may spreading the virus. So, it is not like this, until everyone getting vaccinated. Once all get vaccinated,  no-one need mask and have to perform social distancing. 


Stay away from myth and get vaccinated 🙂


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