11 Benefits Of Pomegranate


A slim, smart, and beautiful body is the desire of everyone. Pomegranate is very helpful in staying healthy and making the body smart. 100 grams of pomegranate contains only 83 calories, due to which energy to stay alert and active throughout the day. People who are on a diet find it useful to eat pomegranate because it contains a lot of fiber, which reduces appetite and speeds up digestion.

Pomegranates do not contain saturated fats, which is why they serve as useful food for dieters. One hundred grams of pomegranate provides the human body with energy equivalent to sixty-five calories. According to research, pomegranate has many medical benefits. There are:

  • Increases immunity and reduces acne and hair loss

Vitamin C is an excellent ingredient for boosting the immune system.


Pomegranate contains four times more of this vitamin than apple. Pomegranate also contains a lot of Vitamin E. If a glass of pomegranate juice is drunk daily, the skin will look grain-free, young, and radiant. Pomegranate juice protects the skin from dryness and roughness due to the phenolic acid present in pomegranate. This acid strengthens the hair roots, which in turn reduces hair loss.

  • Prevent diseases

Pomegranate contains more antioxidants than green tea. Pomegranate, if used regularly during the season, also provides immunity against breast, colon, and bladder cancers. Pomegranates contain large amounts of iron, potassium, and manganese, which have a great effect on human health.

Regular use of pomegranate during pregnancy protects against anemia.

  • A matter of the heart

The phytochemicals in pomegranate lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Drinking fresh pomegranate juice daily removes obstructions in the carotid artery, which can lead to stroke and some heart diseases. Sprinkle pomegranate on salads or desserts. Eat curd, mixed with yogurt, or drink its juice, pomegranate diet must be included in any way.

  • Diarrhea

Medical experts say that pomegranate is useful in diarrhea. If a diabetic patient is given about 50 ml of pomegranate juice from time to time, then there is a relief. Pomegranate juice can also be mixed in yogurt. And pepper can also be added. In case of diarrhea, pomegranate bud sauce is also given to young children thrice a day.

  • stomach pain

Take out the pomegranate seeds (sour or sweet), then sprinkle salt and pepper on them and eat about 100 grams. It is useful in stomach aches.

  • Dysentery

It is useful to give a small amount of pomegranate juice or pomegranate seeds to the patient suffering from dysentery two or three times a day.

  • Fever

Pomegranate juice is also anti-fever.

  • Stomach worms

A decoction of pomegranate peel is useful in this disease. The method is to coat twenty-four grams of pomegranate peel, put it in 16 times more water, boil it and let it cook slowly on low heat. Cool it and filter it. The patient should be fed by adding six grams of black salt.

  • To increase appetite

Pomegranate is useful in correcting digestion and increasing appetite. Incorporating this fruit into your daily diet will keep the stomach healthy and active. When the stomach is healthy, the body will be healthy.

  • Kidney and bladder stones

Pomegranate seeds, both sweet and sour, are useful in treating gallstones.

It is said that grinding the seeds three times a day and feeding them with gram broth can dissolve kidney and bladder stones.

  • Toothache and gum problems

The powder of dried pomegranate peel with pepper and salt is useful as a toothpaste. It is useful in many ailments of teeth and gums. With regular use, it strengthens the gums. It stops bleeding.


Pomegranate fruit should be used immediately after cutting. Otherwise, its seeds start losing their color. You should not smoke while eating pomegranate. This can have negative effects on the intestines.


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