12 fun things to do as a couple to keep your love alive


Having a happy married life is not a chance or a result of luck. It is a result of combined efforts from the husband and wife. In your life together you will learn to love the real other, comprise and solve conflicts between yourselves.

There are a number of ways to keep your marriage lively and happy. However, it all depends on the personal efforts you are willing to put therein. This article will talk about fun as a way of happiness and how to have fun with your spouse.

In a research finding, it was found that couples who spend time doing exciting unfamiliar activities had more marital satisfaction than couples who spent their time doing pleasant familiar activities. That proved that New adventures and activities stimulate the brain to release norepinephrine and dopamine, the same hormones released in the early stages of a relationship when romance is at its peak according to Reinventing date Night for long-married couples in the New York Times magazine. This is the reason for having fun being key in reviving and reinventing your lost love also helps in managing your marriage.

An easy way to make your bond grow as a couple is to give attention to the fun activities you can do together so that in place of thinking about the bulk you have to do to keep your union up and running, you will only bring in fun that plays a big role making your married life a bliss.

Following are ways in which you can have fun together as a couple.

1. Playing games together

Playing games together allows you to test your competitive spirit and laugh together. Trying new games together, making trials and failures and learning together as your try to master these games not only help you happily spend your time but also stimulate the reward system of the brain. Gaming must not involve expenditure, you can try computer games, puzzles games,  or you can have your playing field at home and enjoy yourselves with games like basketball, miniature golf, bowling. Playing together makes you happy, relieves you of stress, create positive bonds between you and will just make your married life a bliss.

2. Body workouts 

Having time to unitedly exercise as a couple has an advantage of its kind. A racing pulse, sweaty hands, shortness of breath that results from exercising mirror the thrill of romance in many ways and is often confused for romantic attraction. As a fun activity, it creates a psychological arousal one to another that makes you feel more in love and satisfied. Working together will also increase your performance in your fitness exercise.Research has also proven the fact that you become emotionally connected one with another when you exercise together while performing the same activity.

Exercise can be doing a straining activity such as cleaning out a basement together, planting a garden together, painting a room, playing fitness games on a video game console, going to a yoga class together or just walking together.

3. Activities outdoors.

Come out of your home comfort and have fun doing some new activities outdoors.Bike riding, hiking, camping, watersports are some of the activities that will help you keep happiness in your life, have fun, spend quality time together and just enjoy life with your spouse. It is also an ample opportunity to utilize your nature walk as you come into contact with Gods creation.

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4. Cooking together.

It's very pleasing to cook together a couple finding time to cook and dine as a couple is bonding and builds trust in your life. It is also a sure way of receiving your partner's work burden. However, it can just be for fun and for finding time to be positively stubborn and joy around your partner. Test and learn cooking new recipes together. These will end up in happy moments accompanied by words of gratitude from your partner.

5. Hometown vacation.

Vacating to new places is a great way to keep your family happy.it takes us out of our boring normal and helps us have quality time together. To make your travel more thrilling, a vacation to your partner's hometown will help you bring to memory their childhood life even as you explore their haunts.Even if you know all about your partner, a great way to deeply get connected is by seeing them in their hometown setting and learning more about their childhood.Make out for a week-long trip, weekend or just a night.

6. Organize a park visit.

Setting out for night camping with your partner to just lie side by side gazing at the stars or visiting destinations just for fun and enjoyment brings lots of benefits with it into our relationship such as life long memories and also deep family bonding even with your spouse.

7. Dinning some new dish.

As a way to change your life experiences, dining a new dish together out of your normal schedule is a great way to have fun. To make it interesting avoid new dishes at your home setting, plan for a local dish at the countryside to have a unique dining experience in twos. Making this more economical, you can do a joint vacation and dish.

8. Renewing your vows.

This is really fun. To remind yourselves of your bonding creating time to renew your vows either in your private room or in front of your friends and family in form of an organised ceremony. It looks a bit funny but will be a great deal in your bonding together.

9. Having time to reflect on your past

Find time to recollect your past when together. Take your archive of photos either in a camera or photo album flip through them from your past photos to your present as your recall every moment connected to the photos. Take time to evaluate your life together as a couple. These will be a great way to build deep trust in one another by just having it a fun time.

10. Read a book 

It is a great way to have fun by just reading the same book together. You can do this in your own unique way, either reading to one another, reading different chapters of the book and explaining to one another, or reading together and discussing your opinions on the same over a meal. Before this activity, ensure you agree on which book you want to read together.

11. Reinvent your hobby.

Even as a couple we differ in what we like and dislike. However, for the sake of being happy, and having fun, agree on an activity you both can like and have it on to spend your time together in a big way.

12. Massage your spouse.


This is a good activity in the evening after coming from the job but you can reschedule it to your appropriate time. It can be a hand or foot massage when you are together accompanied by a relaxing music. This is a great way to have fun together after a tiresome day.


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