3 Easy Ways to Find Qualified DevOps Engineers

There are three options available when it comes to Hire DevOps Developers to fill your company's needs. These options are more popular than traditional advertising or manually searching for candidates. It can be very difficult to attract the right talent for your job. These three options are more in demand on the market.

  1. Freelancers available on Freelance websites

  2. Consult with Recruiting Agencies or

  3. Outsourcing companies (IT Companies) can hire DevOps.

Let's now look at each option and hire a DevOps Engineer for your company to meet its needs and create a great team.

  1. Hiring DevOps Engineers Freelancers Web Portals

Freelancer platforms are very popular for hiring IT specialists. These platforms can be quite difficult to manage. You can create an account, post a job, select a freelancer, or a group of freelancers, then start working on it under a contract.

There are pros and cons to hiring developers through the Freelancers platform. Let's take a closer look at it to see the pros and cons that could help or hurt your business.

  • You can hire DevOps Engineers at much lower rates

  • Check out reviews from previous clients to instantly decide whether you want to hire them.

  • You can see a variety of specialists in a short time.

  • This is a great place to hire DevOps Engineers to implement minor changes or short-term projects.


  • There is no guarantee that the task will be completed on time.

  • The company and the developers cannot sign a formal contract.

  • This could increase the language barrier due to hiring from different places.

  • Different time zones can impact the workflow.

  • Management can find it difficult to monitor each individual's progress. This could lead to more harm than good.

    2. Hire DevOps engineers with Recruiting Agencies

Another option is to work with a recruiter agency. This option is often available before freelancers. You must inform the agency about the position you are interested in working with. They will then identify the most qualified candidate based upon your requirements and conduct a background check to determine if they are available. On candidates' affirmation, they would guide the candidate to your office at a specific time and place along with any documents required to continue the hiring process. Contrary to this, many agencies handle the entire hiring process.

The company used to pay the agency for such services. However, their fees may differ depending on the service model. These models include the following:

  • Executive search: the employer has to pay a fixed fee for the services of DevOps Engineers

  • On-Demand Employment: provides flexible assistance to the company at an hourly fee.

  • Outsourcing of Recruitment: The employer totally relies on the agency and has complete trust in the agency's entire recruitment function.

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of choosing Recruiting Agencies. They are as follows:

  • Choosing to work with a recruiting agency will allow you to spend more time on strategic tasks.

  • Access to qualified candidates for your team

  • You will have to spend more on the recruitment process than with Freelancers.

  • This will allow you to have less control over the entire recruitment process.

  • We can provide you with indirect access to candidates;

  • There may be communication problems between the company and the candidate.

    3. IT Companies can hire DevOps Engineers

Hiring DevOps Engineers from IT Companies is the best choice. This option allows you to hire the best DevOps Engineers regardless of project size or budget. This option is also cheaper than hiring employees in-house. To hire DevOps Engineers, you only need reliable sources.

IT Companies had their own pros and cons when it came to hiring. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of hiring DevOps Engineers.

  • IT companies are very cost-effective.

  • It can guarantee expertise and reliability for DevOps Engineers

  • Each project can have a dedicated manager.

  • It will improve team experience and work quality.

  • Different time zones;

  • Possible language barrier.

It is possible to outsource a single expert or an entire topic through an IT company. These candidates are qualified and have all the necessary technologies. You will be asked to only share details of the project and offer little cooperation in order to work with these DevOps Engineers.

This option is very practical as it makes life easier. However, it is important to be careful when choosing the right outsourcing company. Finding reliable and trustworthy outsourcing companies can be a daunting task for any company.

Google search can help you find many options for outsourcing companies. You can also look beyond Google search to find information and reviews about these companies. Referrals are another option for hiring DevOps Engineers.

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