3 reasons to get your nursery school admission form from GIIS

We often envision a series of scenarios when it comes to enrolling your child into the best International Public School. From wanting a perfect & structured environment to want them to be taught by the best educators, parents want to usher their children with the best education and promising future.

There are plenty of nursery schools in Ahmedabad that provide great nursery education, but parents are always on the lookout for the best ones. They want nothing but the best for their kids. Isn’t it? While they collect a lot of nursery school admission forms, they are still skeptical if they are looking for the right school.

Hence, Global Indian International School brings to you the best nursery education in Ahmedabad that makes learning a cakewalk for your kid. They give your child a wonderful opportunity to be exposed to the first step of education, meet like-minded kids, learn new activities, and gain wonderful experience and knowledge that help them build a firm foundation for the rest of their lives.

In fact, your child does not only learn all the educational aspects but also develops immensely on social and emotional levels. Sources suggest that kids who have high ability of great reading skills, rich vocabulary, and stronger mathematical skills are the ones who have fondly attended high-quality and recognized nursery schools.

We bring to you 3 factors stating how your child can grow in the best possible way at Global Indian International School.

  1. Curiosity - We know very well how little children can be highly curious at times. At times, their questions can make you laugh or at times, they make you wonder about their little minds ready to explore all the horizons of the world. Global Indian International School in Ahmedabad ensures that your child is ready to experiment, explore and take up a conversation that helps them express their thoughts and ask questions. Get ready to experience the most stunning phase of your life and watch your child grow!

  2. Structure - Sending your child to an International public school is a great opportunity for them to be in a systematic and structured setting where they develop the skills to share and follow instructions. They learn all the guiding information like raising their hands to ask a question, taking turns, and getting their educator’s attention. They learn to follow instructions even at home and respond to your actions in a highly organized and structured manner.

  3. Prepare - Provided that nursery school is the very first step of your child’s learning process. It prepares your child for future academic learning. It helps your child with the basic pre-math and pre-literacy skills which make them perfect with ABCs and 123s. They learn academically in a fun way by responding to storytelling, building blocks, games, and other fun activities. Global Indian International School is a renowned school that provides great nursery education to students. It is staffed with a highly experienced and trained staff that helps your child grow in tremendous ways. 

Want to explore something more fascinating for your little one? GIIS provides the facility of the Bridge Programme. It enables your child to start school at any time of the school term and catch up with the syllabus with the help of well-trained staff and be at the same level as their classmates.


You can easily book a virtual school tour with the CRO to help you know more about the school. So, what are you waiting for? Head to the official website of Global Indian International School now and grab the nursery school admission forms to gift the first step of education to your child. 

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