4 Signs You are Not a Good Blogger

Here I've listed the top 5 reasons why you shouldn't start blogging.

1.Blogging For Money

If you are thinking of starting blogging for money, I suggest that you forget about the dream of success and leave immediately.

Blogging won't make you rich overnight. It may take years to build a successful blog. Don't dream that blogging will make you rich because just managing one blog takes up a lot of valuable time

Most of the bloggers don't manage to get a single dollar from blogging. Not a single blogger was successful in their first attempt. It took years to achieve the key to success.

Before putting your footsteps into the world of blogging, you should think twice, are you really ready to waste the 24 hours you have in the future for nothing?

2. Internet Freak

When you start learning more about blogging, you will be spending more and more time on the internet. It doesn't feel like long and suddenly your free time is gone.

In the beginner stage, most of your time will be spent changing the appearance of the blog and trying to adapt the blog to the evolving SEO algorithms.

You go crazy all the time because there are so many questions in your mind that require immediate answers or confidence that the blog will not thrive if it missteps

Some questions that you might type in Google for crazy.

3. Traffic

Before you started blogging, you might think that it is quite simple just to write an article then post it to the internet and people will start reading your blog post and you will start receiving millions of visitors and earning money online easily. Never dream of receiving very simple organic visitors! You must be spending crazy time on On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Quality Articles, Proper Keyword research, and many other things.

4. Thoughts Go Crazy

When you will start blogging activities and start thinking about what to write into the blog, you automatically start thinking of crazy ideas that might attract the crowd.

You are very serious about managing your blog so that you don't want to be bothered by anyone.

You will think of lots of crazy ideas to increase traffic to your blog.

You will start spamming everywhere, flagging hundreds of people, and even

You are not an expert at anything but suddenly after blogging you will try to behave like you are very experienced in the field.

Crazy thoughts and ideas will change the mindset and way of behaving in everyday life. Are you ready to waste a lot of time in the future?

If you have a principle Time is money? forget blogger !!!


Now it's time you put this knowledge/advice into action.



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