5 Best Places to Taste Chole Bhature in Ontario, Canada

Love for Chole Bhature is immense among Indians and foreigners. The popularity of this famous Punjabi dish is not unknown to the world. Today you will find many Indian cuisines restaurants in Canada. Many of them serve exotic Chole Bhature dishes. 

What do People like About Chole Bhature?

  • Chole masala is a dish prepared of Indian chickpeas and is made into a thick, dark and delicious gravy. Every spice used in this preparation enhances the flavour to a great extent. This dish alone can be eaten with various other dishes such as Jeera rice, roti or paratha.

  • The Bhatura is a crispy, large and soft flatbread that is deep-fried. This large bread changes the entire appearance of the dish. You get to something big and satisfying. The Bhatura is made of maida or refined flour. But you can also make it with whole wheat.

  • The perfect combination of the Chole masala and Bhatura makes it a complete dish for any time of the day. You can have this in breakfast, lunch and even for your dinner. The best part is that Chole Bhature does not require anything extra to complete the meal. You may add some pickles and curd, but that’s all.

  • The richness of the authentic Indian flavour and taste make it nostalgic for many. Even if you stay in Canada, you can relish this dish and let it take you to the yellow mustard fields of Punjab. 

  • Since it is a popular Indian recipe, you will easily find a restaurant serving fresh and tasty Chole Bhature. So it is not a dish that is hard to find.


Healthy Version of Chole Bhature

Although Chole Bhature is a lovely dish to relish, you cannot deny that it is not entirely healthy. The refined flour used to make the Bhature is considered to be unhealthy. So to make it healthy, you can use whole wheat flour instead of maida (refined flour).

Apart from this, add less amount of spices and oil to prepare the Chole masala. And there isn’t a need to deep fry Bhaturas, if you’re trying to go the healthy way. You can always toast some whole wheat parathas to go with Chola masala, and enjoy this combination just as much.

If you want to try it at home, inventing a healthy recipe for Chole Bhature isn’t difficult. All you have to do is keep it simple without overdoing the spice level. 


Now let’s talk about the 5 food joints where you can taste Chole Bhature in Ontario.

1. 5. Home Taste

2. Taste of Punjab

3. Rajdhani Sweets

4. Brar’s Grand Buffet

5. Motimahal


These well-known restaurants in Ontario have offer takeaway and delivery facilities. Some of them also offer a dine-in service. You will be amazed to find varieties of Indian dishes on their menu apart from Chole Bhature.

So make sure you do try them too. If you are searching for chole bhature near me, Home Taste is a lovely place for authentic Indian vegetarian dishes. 


You can call them for home delivery or catering service too. 


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