5 Brilliant Uber-like App Ideas for Startups

When booking a cab is no more a luxury but a necessity for people, investing in a taxi-hailing can really turn out fruitful!  As predicted by Statista, the revenue in the taxi-hailing segment amounts to US$316,908m in 2020, which is expected to show an annual growth rate of 4.5% by 2024. Looking at this data implies that investing in a Uber-like app is definitely a profitable deal!

5 Unique Uber-like App ideas for startups

The ever-growing car-hailing market has led people to the option of traveling in a more flexible manner without hassle. As the taxi booking services are integrated with the mobile apps, it has further led to the immense growth of Uber and other related taxi-hailing services. Several new taxi-hailing apps, apart from Uber, are successfully running and transforming the taxi industry. The massive investments in ride-hailing services have further fueled the growth of this segment and have presented opportunities for various startups to reap its benefits.


We hope you don’t want this opportunity to slip off your hands, and so we’ve got lucrative app ideas if you want to develop your own Uber-like app. You can also monetize your app using different monetization strategies &ride-railing business models to make your app more profitable. If you are a wantrepreneur and have made up your mind to build a successful mobile application, here are 5 excellent ideas that can help you launch your own app like Uber: 

1- Uber-like app for senior citizens

You might have often noticed Old-age people finding it difficult to travel via public conveyance. Whether they are traveling in buses or metro trains, public rush makes it difficult for them to travel from one place to another. This is even more gruesome in big cities, where people are running out of time for almost everything! To curb this situation, and target the senior citizens, you can come up with an app like Uber for old aged people only.


Having a dedicated taxi-hailing app for senior citizens will ensure that they can easily go to their desired destination with ease of movement through this unique app. This way, they will not have to wait for buses, strive hard to find easy conveyance or deal with standing for long hours during travel. However, for developing an app for senior citizens, you must design the app very in a simple and easy to use manner with extra features like waiting outside the destination & leaving them back to home or any desired location. 

2- Taxi-hailing app for children

Second unique idea is to develop a ride-hailing app for kids and children. Imagine what a relief it would bring to the parents! Your dedicated app for children can help them travel from one place to another. Parents can book a cab for their children for going to school, going to tuition classes, other singing classes or any other activity classes. This app can really be helpful for parents who are working and have no time to pick-up and drop off their children. Traveling via cab can help parents and children save a lot of time and travel freely whenever required in just a few clicks. While developing an app for children, you will have to incorporate advanced safety features like live tracking to your app.  

3- On-demand taxi app for women

Another taxi booking app idea is to develop an app for women. As there are rising concerns for women’s safety, creating an app that prioritizes women’s safety can really be profitable. This app can really be helpful for women who work in night shifts or have to travel during the odd hours to travel from one place to another with safety. You can also employ women drivers and can even let your users have preference whether they want a women driver or comfortable with male driers also. However, each driver registered with the portal must go through several checks keeping the safety and security concerns in mind. You can also offer pooling or car-sharing options for women looking for affordable rides. 

4- App like Uber for handicapped people

Ever given a thought about what difficulties do handicapped or physically challenged people face while communicating from one place to another? You can consider developing a taxi-booking application for handicapped people, who are unable to walk and usually survive on wheelchairs. You can have a dedicated app for them while making sure that it is user friendly and follows an easy step for can booking to help users comfortably travel from one place to another. Keeping in mind the functionalities you might need for handicapped users, you can incorporate special features in your app. 

5- Uber-like app for logistics

Why not develop an application for logistic companies? Your application can help the companies to send deliveries, manage vehicles, register all the drivers, track the vehicles, check the paperwork, etc. This idea may sound a little different from a simple uber-like app. However, this can help the companies automate their entire process and transport their goods from one place to another without having to worry at all! You can incorporate features like real-time tracking, vehicle registration, delivery alerts, payments, and many more!


Liked any of the above-mentioned ideas? It’s high time to get going with the idea of conversion into a full-fledged app! Get started with your project today and get ready to launch your Uber-like app with a bang!



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