5 Disney's Classics We All Love That Have Sexually Explicit Messages Hidden in Animation

According to conspiracists, Disney is using hidden messages in animated films to control the minds of kids.

The truth-seekers believe that Disney films have subliminal messages, with sexually explicit grips hidden in their animation.

One of the main theories is that the Illuminati is behind those dirty symbols and messages.

An even more shocking statement is that a secret sect of pedophiles runs Disney and placing sexual messages in innocent movies.

Conspiracy theorists believe it's being done to sexualize children to make them targets for abuse.

Sounds unbelievable?

Let's see what have they found.

1. The Rescuers

Watchers caught the naked lady in this classic.

Disney argued that the image was injected by someone unknown during the post-production and not by the animators who made the film.

In the end, they had to recall 3.4 million copies of that film.

2. Little Mermaid

This Disney classic appears to have 2 subliminal messages. 

The first one is found on The Little Mermaid’s poster in the golden castle in the background. One of the castle spires in the middle looks like a penis.

The second subliminal message is especially weird because it includes a Bishop. 

In the scene where Ursula and Prince Eric getting married, a Bishop is ahead of the ceremony. As the couple comes to the Bishop it seems that he gets too excited for a moment, which manifests as a bump on his robe.

3. Alladin

In the scene, Aladdin pretends to be Prince Ali. He flies on his magic carpet to Jasmine’s balcony. 

Aladdin tries to scare her pet tiger with his turban while Jasmine looks out to see what happens. This is when Aladdin says "Good teenagers, take off your clothes".

4. Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit showed her vagina.

During a scene of the car crash, Jessica Rabbit and Eddie Valiant get knocked out of the car. While Jessica Rabbit flies through the air you can see that she isn’t wearing her underwear.

5. Lion King

In the Lion King, watchers have reported seeing the word "sex" in the sky when Simba lies down under the stars.

In a scene, a grown-up Simba walks to a cliff and then lays on his belly. A cloud of dust goes up into the air and while the dust crumbs are spinning around, the letters S-E-X shows up and disappear fast. 

There's another message found in the movie poster in 2002.

On the poster is Simba. People reported that if you stare at his nose for a while you'll see something else. 

A multi-stable image, with two different objects in the same image, while your brain can see only one at a time. Simba’s nose comes up as a woman wearing a thong.

So far Disney has denied these suspected messages and claim that any similarities that may seem like something dirty are coincidental.

However, this has not stopped many theories about sexual subliminal messages in films for kids.

Multiple websites about Disney's Illuminati pedophiles ring contain thousands of videos on that subject.

I want to hear your thoughts now. 

Do you believe in this or you think it’s BS? 


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