5 Great Sex Tips for Men

5 Great Sex Tips for Men

No matter how capable you believe you are, you could still use a boost to better your sex life and please your partner. In this article are five tips for men to boost their sex life.

1.     Discuss Sex Ahead of Time: As you progress in the relationship, it's possible to get to point where the both partners just go through the activities rather than enjoy the moment by expressing what you really want (and need) in bed. You and your partner should ask each other, 'What do you need in bed from me?'

2.     Eat Health: This does not seem to be a sex tip, but taking care of your body with proper nutrition benefits your whole body, including your libido. Eating healthy foods help to lower cholesterol and keep the cardiovascular system running smoothly. This would ensure that circulation in the "southern hemisphere" is at its best.

3.      Do the household chores: Do you want to get your wife ready for more sex? Help with the chores around the house. Outside of the bedroom is the best place where the strongest foreplay occurs. You show them that you respect them by assisting them with chores and errands.

4.     Exercise: Few things will prepare you to please women as having regular exercise on a daily basis. Self-esteem, self-image, and libido can all be improved with as little as 15 minutes of exercise a day. Physical features of sex are more fun when you exercise. Making exercise a routine also benefits cardiovascular health, which is important for normal erectile function.

5.     See Things from a Woman’s Perspective: You don't have to be a woman to be able to think like one in bed. Pay special attention to her neck, feet, and thighs, which are some of her most overlooked regions. Tease her to no end. Make her want it. You'll be shocked by how much of a build-up there would be.


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