7 Simple Tricks That Help To Exercise Your Brain

The more we use our brain, the more active it gets. The brain is one of the major body organs, and the more a person is engaged in challenging and new activity, the sharper it gets. Thus some little tricks in routine can really work well in offering your mind something new and challenging. These little’s tricks work well to help you exercise your brain.

Nutrition And Brain

Nutrition plays a great role in keeping your brain healthy and active. The brain drives most of the energy out of the food that we eat. It is thus crucial to eat a healthy, well-balanced, and brain-supporting diet.

Similarly, one may find a list of harmful foods that not only affect brain function but also have a great influence on the brain health. It is important to avoid such food before getting started with any kind of brain drill.

1.     Smoking

Smoking is injurious to all major organs of the body, including the brain. It affects the brain at the very basic level, the nerves. Smoking excessively disrupts brain functions and impairs the ability to think, focus and concentrate properly. It is better to give up smoking for an active and strong brain system.

You may even switch to less harmful substitutes of tobacco, such as vaping. For example, using e-cigarettes from a well-reputed brand may not be as harmful as usual cigarettes. In addition, you may find numerous flavors in vaping. For example, menthol flavor is one of the best because it is so refreshing and helps to quit smoking.

2.     Alcohol

Alcohol mainly affects the brain and nerves. Ultimately brain-related bodily functions are affected right after alcohol ingestion. It is therefore important to give up alcohol as it is highly addictive, and there are greater chances that the user may begin to abuse it. Alcohol is very injurious to brain health.

One may seek help from numerous state-established support systems. If you are really fond of drinking, then the first thing you should do in order to secure a healthy and well-functioning brain is learning the ways to give up drinking alcohol.  

3.     Sugary Food

Whether it is sugary food or sugary drinks, the sugar in excess is very harmful to the brain. Sugar is as addictive as alcohol or tobacco, and it harms the brain in the same pattern. Thus, in order to keep your brain fully active and recharged, you must give up sugary foods.

Routine Tricks For Brain Exercise

The brain is involved in almost every routine function and task that we perform. Using these little tricks will prove as a useful exercise for the brain and help to sharpen it. Every time the brain is engaged in new tasks and activities, then each time new neural pathways are developed. Here are few examples

1.     Using The Opposite Hands

Routinely a person either uses the right hand or the left hand to perform all tasks. Breaking this simple rule will prove a very useful drill and exercise for the brain. All you need to do is try doing simple routine tasks with the other hand. Such as try writing, opening the door, and holding things with the opposite hand. It will allow the brain to rethink routine tasks.

2.     Use Lists As Back Up

Try using your brain the most, and one simple way of doing so is by using lists as a backup. When you go out for groceries, make sure that you use your brain in order to recall the things that you need to purchase.

You may copy it later on with your list to see if you have got everything required. This simple trick will force your brain to think rather than taking support from the list. Not just the grocery list; you may use the same trick to your everyday to-do list and task list.

3.     Learn Phone Numbers

We are not as good in numbers as people used to be, all thanks to technology. All information that we routinely need is stored in our personal phones. However, learning phone numbers and recalling these numbers is another effective exercise for the brain. In order to exercise your brain, you may even start to remember phone numbers.

4.     Observation Games

We are surrounded by a world of natural and material things. Using these surrounding objects may also prove a useful drill for the brain. The simplest way to make your brain think and observe is through playing an observation game with it. You may choose anything around you and observe it. See how it works and notice any changes the other day. You may even explore and read more about your observations.

5.     Go Different Way

One effective way to enhance your cognitive abilities is through using different ways. Leave the conventional routine pathways that you generally follow and try new routes and pathways. This also provides your brain with something new to learn and memorize. These simple changes are a wonderful exercise for the brain.

6.     Read A New Book

Reading is a great way you enhance your mental abilities. Through reading, you learn about new phenomena, experiences, culture, and much more. A simple habit of reading on a routine basis can prove a wonderful exercise for the brain that helps to sharpen its abilities.

7.     Solve A Problem

Thinking of a possible problem can become an effective drill for the brain, and it can definitely give your brain something to think about. Problem-solving allows us to think of every possible hurdle and lookout for the best ways to deal with these hurdles. It allows the brain to imagine different scenarios and expected outcomes. Try to solve problems and come up with solutions all by yourself.

Take Away

The human brain is meant to think, analyze, solve problems, memorize and observe. You can provide your brain with simple routine drills to practice its skills and abilities. This is a great way to enhance your cognitive abilities. These little routine changes are actually a worthy exercise for the brain and may even enhance its power.


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