9 Myths About Cannabis That Simply Aren't True

There’s a lot of false information out there on the internet about cannabis, so we are listing the most common myths that are simply not true. We have listed the facts instead and cleared the myths to help you find answers to some common questions. Before placing an order for cannabis delivery Toronto, check out the 9 common myths about it. 


Know the 9 Myths About Cannabis That Simply Aren't True

Myth: Cannabis Forbiddance Effectively Shields Kids

Fact: In 2011, the practice of cannabis by adolescents hit a peak. According to a survey, one out of every 14 high school students claimed they smoke cannabis regularly and for the first time, in the USA, minors reported smoking weed more than cigarettes. But adolescents do not smoke pot in states where medical cannabis is legalised. Permit advocates minimal use of cannabis by teenagers. It is a myth that weed forbiddance safeguards minors.


Myth: Prisons are Full of Individuals Arrested for Weed Possession

Fact: Approximately 7,50,000 individuals are arrested annually for the consumption of cannabis in the USA. Not all individual arrests drive to prosecution and relatively only a few individuals are prosecuted and convicted. Only a few people end up in jail for marijuana possession. Many individuals are placed into community services and fined for weed possession. Around 40,000 people have a conviction involving cannabis possession and less than 1 % are in for distribution. It is just a myth that prisons are full of people who are arrested for weed possession.


Myth: Cannabis Consumption Leads to Cancer

Fact: Marijuana indeed contains carcinogens, however, even avid pot smokers smoke less as compared to people who smoke cigarettes that cause cancer. According to a survey, heavy use of weed does not lead to cancer as studies have shown that pot cannot inhibit the growth of cancerous tumours. So, it is a myth when people say that cannabis consumption leads to cancer.


Myth: Using Cannabis Leads to Crime and Misconduct

Fact: The average rate of cannabis users is higher as opposed to non-offenders, but it does not indicate that it causes misconduct and criminal behaviour. Another possibility that might be causing this outcome is that most of the criminals are avid users of drugs. As a matter of fact, as opposed to alcohol, cannabis does not unleash violence and hostility. So using cannabis does not lead to crime and serious offences.


Myth: Cannabis Use Causes Dependence or Addiction

Fact: It is quite probable to become reliant on cannabis, however, this only occurs in a minority of the already moderately small section or heavy users. Many studies have revealed the fact that approximately 8 % of marijuana users became clinically dependent at some point in their lives as opposed to 14 % of heroin and cocaine users. Cannabis use does not cause clinical dependence or addiction.


Myth: Most Weed Smokers are Heavy Users

Fact: According to a survey, approximately 40 to 50 % of individuals who tried using marijuana address a continuance total of fewer than 11 days of consumption. About one-third of cannabis users proclaim having consumed weed for 10 days or less in the previous year. Approximately 6 million out of the 30 million USA consumers over the age of 13 smoke pot regularly according to a survey conducted. It is certainly a myth that most weed smokers are heavy users. 


Myth: Weed is a 'Gateway Drug’

Fact: Minors who smoke pot are statistically more prone to use other drugs, but it does not imply that the use of weed causes a person to consume more drugs. Weed is not a gateway drug. Several studies have concluded that no decisive evidence that the use of weed is linked to the abuse of other illicit drugs. 


Myth: Cannabis is Completely Harmless

Fact: Heavy use of cannabis can be harmful so saying cannabis is completely harmless is not true. Heavy pot smokers are at peril for some medical issues as it affects their overall health like respiratory issues and bronchitis.


Myth: Weed is a Dangerous Drug

Fact: Several studies have established the fact that smoking pot is less harmful than tobacco and alcohol. It is also less harmful as opposed to hard drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Weed is certainly not a dangerous drug.


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