All You Need To Know About Kerstin Emhoff

Kerstin Emhoff is an American film producer and businessperson, who ensue to be the CEO of a hybrid manufacturing company, Prettybird. Currently, she is the CEO of a partial and partial conception society called Prettybird. It is difficult chance that you want to discover out about her. Here is all you need to consider about Kerstin Emhoff.

Historical Background

Kerstin ongoing her career employed in a minor production company where she slowly ongoing doing a small part of the whole thing. As a strong-minded young child, she fantasized about a career in acting arts and as a famous dancer. Though, she went to movie school in its place.

After Graduation, Kerstin removed to LA to jump her career in movies. Though, she had a stroke of tough luck as she is only ongoing as a server. However, she finally met some managers who assisted her to get attentive in short movies; designing the start of her profession.

In 2008, she recognized her own business ‘Prettybird’ laterally with the manager, Paul Hunter. The company labels itself as a ‘creative think tank’ which works with many customers across the world manufacturing content for movies, TV, and live presentations.

In addition, she also originated an association called Tubes, which helps sections discover a profession in the entertainment, arts, and technology business. Furthermore, she also has been controlled with the AICP board for over ten years and effectively received the heading of the president of the 2015 AICP show.

The Fact of Kerstin Emhoff’s Life

Kerstin Emhoff was raised up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by her parents, whose name she has not yet exposed. The Chief of ‘Prettybird’ has not unveiled much info about her on social media which makes her age and parents a secret. Though, we do know that she finished her degree in movies from Boston University. However, she is an attractive lady her height to be over 5 feet she takes care of her health as well.

Net Worth of Kerstin Emhoff

By means of considerable achievement, Kerstin had the main advance from her company. It’s no mysteries she has a vast foundation of revenue from her company. She has an assessed net worth of $10 million dollars.

Married Life

In addition, Kerstin is also common for being the previous wife of Douglas Emhoff, who is the current husband of the US vice-presidential applicant, Kamala Harris.

Furthermore, Kerstin has two children with Douglas. Their wedding ruined down but they appear to be close with their children.

Her children are Ella Emhoff and Cole Emhoff. They are very near to her and also to their stepmother, Harris.

Additional facts about her family are not recognized. Bases say that she is not married again and is now living a solo life.

Kerstin appears to be supportive the Kamala Harris’s movement. She tweeted and dispatched on Instagram saying that she cares about her reason.

Communication of which, she is contemporary on Instagram and Twitter. The creator has accrued thousands of supporters on mutual stages.

Kerstin is extra than a co-president and a producer. She is a mother of two lovely children, Cole and Emma. Though, she stocks the families with her ex-husband Douglas Emhoff, an American Lawyer. Douglas increased more care when he wedded his present wife Kamala Harries, a well-known lawyer, representative, and politician. Like various stepmothers, Kamala has specified having tough times with her stepchildren and the children states her to the nickname ‘mamala.


It is tough initial out in entertaining trade but with devotion, originality, and desire nothing is unbearable. Kerstin Emhoff is an American producer who is well-known for co-founder the business Pretty birds.

She was born on March 18, 1967, in Minneapolis to a family of Swedish origin. Kerstin Emhoff did not continuously vision of flattering a producer as originally she wanted to come to be an actress. In 2010 she was co-executive producer of The Tillman Story. The Confidential Story of the Hunt for Bin Laden three years late. Emhoff was also the policymaking producer of Beyonce's music film Pretty Hurts.

Kerstin is fairly busy with her profession, she has continued a close bond with Kamala as they effort self-possessed to co-parent the two children she segments with Doug, son Cole and daughter Ella. Although she has a good relationship with Kamala on the other hand her children are not familiar as much with their stepmother.


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