Alternative To Zoom

Alternative To Zoom

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When it comes to video-conferencing, online classes, and virtual meetings in general, one name has always popped up in the head of a lot of people; Zoom! Of course, that's most known and nobody is to be blamed for that! others include Google meetup, Microsoft Team and the list goes on and on...

So in this article, I'll be introducing something new (Probably you've never heard about it); Crewdle!

So, What Is Crewdle?

Crewdle is a simple-to-use video conferencing platform that uses peer-to-peer technology which eliminates the need for servers and makes your streams truly encrypted from end-to-end between every participant in a virtual meeting.

So, Why Is Crewdle Preferable?

1. First and foremost It's Free and Fun!


2. Top-Notch Security

Most Videoconferencing solutions/platforms that utilize the use of servers, encrypt the streams. However, these streams are decrypted on reaching the servers, and this allows service providers to manipulate the information, sell it to third parties for advertising purposes, or extract data for purposes that are most times unknown...

Crewdle doesn't use servers and this makes it a No. 1 Choice for any type of virtual meeting! if you care about your security.

3. It Saves Resources

Crewdle bypasses the necessity of servers by networking us directly to each other, allowing streams to travel the fastest route while using the minimum amount of resources.

4. Extreme Simplicity

Heavy downloads that slow down the computer, mandatory and frequent updates, multiple permissions, lagging sound, and images or even user agreements filled with restrictive terms and conditions have become the norm for the most widely used video conferencing platforms.

But for Crewdle everything takes place within your browser! user-friendly and fun.

5. Competitive

Nobody wants to lack behind, and to this end, Crewdle strives to be the best among the crowd




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