Amazing hidden benefits of Apple

Hello amazing viewers Not only our parents but also doctors recommend us to eat apple daily and there is a famous quotes too that Eating apple can keeps doctor away.


Apple's are full of nutrients .Today I will tell you what apple can do if we eat 1 apple daily.


1.Apple's contain antioxidant which is called as quercetin. The National Cancer Association in the United States has recommend every people to take more amount of fibre.


2.Quercetin present in Apple  helps in boost our immune system and can helps in reverse aeging of skin.

 Experiment results on rats shows that the mice which was feed  high potent apple has reduced mammary tumors.


3.It is used for clearing the toxins present in our liver. Scientists from Harvard also suggested us that apple's contain high amount of anti growth substances which helps to fight against liver cancer cells, colon cancer cells and breast cancer cells 


4.Eating Apple on regular basis can control your weight , because overweight increase the risk of stroke,heart disease,high blood pressure.


5.Apple are very rich in fibre ,so many doctors recommend it.


6.One of major issues that Apple can easily heals are Hemorrhoids.


7. Apple keeps your bowel movement regularly which can  prevent you from strained bowel region.


8. Apple's can cure Constipation and Diarrhea.


9. Apple's cure IBS called as IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME.


10.Apples can easily beat Diarrhea problem, because it is fiber abundant.


11.Apples can prevent from Gallstones problem.


12. Eating apple skin can prevents the cholesterol because it contains Phenolic compounds.


13.Since fibre contains soluble fibre so it binds fat in the intestine.


14.It is found that the person who eats 1 apple daily are 30 percent less risk to develop Type 1 diabetes.


15.Scientist from ICMR and AACR that is Indian council of medical research and American association of cancer research agreed that consuming apple could reduce skin cancer up to 30 percent.


16.Apples can prevent Breast cancer also because it's peel contain anti growth activities against the cancer cell 


17. ICMR also found that drinking apple's juice can keep Alzheimer's go away.


18.Experiment on mice shows that the mice which was fed daily apple had higher level of neurotransmitter than the other one.


19.Apples increase the saliva in our mouth which reduces tooth decay , reduces the bacteria and also stop bleeding gums.


20.Apples are also used in cream and jams which is good for our body and much more better than junk food.


     According to IISC Banglore which is a premium research institute of India ,Apple has a different type of fibre named as Pectin . Pectin fibre is highly soluble fibres among other fibres.

Although many other fruits also contain fibre ,but they are not that much soluble as compare to Pectin.

They also told us that main reason for heart problems are plaque which is builds in our arteries. These plaque are more violent when it started reducing blood flow in our heart.

   Dear viewers, I hope you really enjoyed the articles .And I wishes you for your healthy life from core of my heart.

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