APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship in Ahmedabad School

Welcome to the world of globalization! The 21st Century is an era that has successfully delivered tech-savvy minds that comprehend technology from a very young age. A profound disposition towards technology and gadgets these days is a natural phenomenon in children. 

Global Indian International School has left no stone unturned to make the most of this opportunity. The Ahmedabad School campus presents to you the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship that recognizes the talents of digital minds and persuades them to excel further.

If your child has a keen interest in new experiments and innovations, then this scholarship is perfect for them. Having said that, the APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship in Ahmedabad bestows your kid with great financial assistance and makes education affordable for you to bear.

Let us primarily take you through the scholarship process.

Scholarship Process

You must follow a few easy steps that will lead you to a beautiful destination.

Step 1 – Submit the scholarship application form with the required information.

Step 2 – Upload the valid documents and mark sheets.

Step 3 – Upload paper, thesis or published documents, Technology Project documents.

Step 3 – Fill in the subjective answers with valid and impressive answers as they play an important role in deciding your child’s selection.

Step 4 – Generally, selected students are informed within 10 working days about their selection.

Step 5 – Once selected, your child is then called for a scholarship assessment.

Step 6 – There could be a personal interview depending upon the school as per their eligibility criteria.

Step 7 – Once all the above is done, wait for the results. Your child has almost made it! Yay!

Eligibility criteria for Global Citizen Scholarship

The APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship falls under three categories.

  • Category A – Students who have earned the national ranks among the top 10 in the Olympiad by SOF, STEM Olympiad, or Robotics Olympiad are applicable. Another criteria is if the applicant has won any of the top 3 ranks in the National Children’s Science Congress annual competition, then he or she is also eligible to apply for the scholarship. The winning students get a 9% waiver on their tuition fees.

  • Category B – Primarily, students with top 20 national ranks in the Olympiad by SOF, STEM Olympiad, or Robotics Olympiad can apply. Secondly, students with top 3 state rank in National Children’s Science Congress annual competition or Part of Ranking 1 teams at ISRO Space Quiz, NSS-National Space settlement can apply. The winners get a 6% waiver on tuition fees.

  • Category C – Students earning top 30 national ranks in Olympiad by SOF, STEM Olympiad, or Robotics Olympiad or top 10 ranks at any national/ international competitions run by IT giants like Microsoft/ Google/ Adobe/ Intel, etc especially google science fair can apply. Further, the ones among the top 10 ranks at National / State / International Level Robot Olympiad or Part of the Ranking 2 teams at ISRO Space Quiz, NSS-National Space settlement, can also apply. The deserving winners get a 3% waiver on the tuition fees.

The applicant must hold Indian Citizenship. He/ she should have written papers, thesis, or published documents in the field of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, App- making, Coding, etc.

How does the APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship help your kid?

The APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship is the most prominent way to help your child exposed to diversified culture in an Ahmedabad School. It is a brilliant way for your child to find new interests and excel in them with a wide variety of resources. A student can learn a new language and even develop the taste for a new culture.

Any student studying under the APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship program is sure to develop a personality that is fierce and needs no introduction. This is your window of opportunity to introduce your outstanding child to the most prestigious scholarship program.  

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