Are You Confused About Buying a Single Door Or a Double Door Refrigerator?

Nowadays, if you plan to buy a new refrigerator for your home, you are greeted with multiple options within the same brands. However, one of the most crucial points is deciding between buying a single door or a double door refrigerator for your kitchen. This article is aimed to help you arrive upon a decision by presenting a quick comparison of the two types of refrigerators.

Fundamental differences between the single door and double door refrigerators-

      Power consumption: As per experts, a double door refrigerator consumes more power than a single door refrigerator. The reason being that a double door refrigerator works in frost-free mode round the clock. This feature uses electric fans to circulate cool air inside the refrigerator. Additionally, the size of double door refrigerators is around 295 litres, which makes them consume more power. Single door refrigerators comparatively consume 40 percent less energy than double-door refrigerators and help save up electricity bills.

      Storage capacity: A single door refrigerator has a storage capacity ranging around 50-250 litres. While on the other hand, a double door refrigerator has a storage capacity falling between 235- 495 litres. Double door fridges have spacious shelves and freezers. This makes a single door fridge ideal for smaller families and a double door fridge ideal for medium-sized to large families.

      Cooling technology: A single door refrigerator has direct cooling technology, while a double door refrigerator works using frost-free technology and cooling fans. Therefore, the food remains fresher in double door refrigerators compared to single door refrigerators.

      Inverter technology used: A single door refrigerator works using normal compressors. Double door refrigerators have modern inverter technologies installed within. This enables the refrigerator to operate at multiple speeds. Additionally, this feature also helps increase energy efficiency and can save up to more than 30 percent of the energy consumed. Make sure you check the inverter technology used when searching for a single door refrigerator online.

      Maintenance costs: Double door refrigerators come with auto-clean features, which makes it easier to clean them. This also helps save on maintenance costs. Single door refrigerators need to be cleaned manually in order to remove ice and dirt.

Advantages of single door refrigerators

      A single door refrigerator helps in saving energy and electricity costs.

      They are compact and occupy less surface space.

      They are more economical.

      Work using direct cool technology, which helps save energy.

 Advantages of using double door refrigerators

      Suitable for large families.

      Double door refrigerators provide more storage area and space.

      They have a huge capacity.

      Double door refrigerators come with cool frost technology.

      They provide the auto-clean function, which does not require manual cleaning.

      Double door refrigerators have bigger shelves, thus helping store bigger bottles and vessels.

 Differences between a single door refrigerator and  a double door refrigerator explained using a Comparison Table -




Number of doors


A single door for fridge and freezer


Two separate doors




50 - 250 Liters


235 Liters to 495 Liters


Ideal for


Best for small families




Best for medium to large families

Power consumption


Less power consumption



More power consumption


Freezer size


Small freezer


  Large freezer




Space Occupied


 Occupies little space


Occupies more space





 Manual cleaning needed


 Has the auto-clean feature


Cooling technology


 Direct cool feature


 Frost-free feature








Economical costing between: 6,000 - 20,000 INR


Expensive costing between: 20,000 - 55,000


 This is not all. If you are not new to the world of refrigerators, you must have heard of triple door refrigerators. These come with three doors and have a capacity ranging between 250-330 litres. However, triple door refrigerators are more expensive than single door or double door refrigerators.

However, they can attract many users due to their beautiful design and large capacity. So, if you have a large family, you can get a triple door refrigerator for your kitchen.


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