Are you one who cry easily?

Sometimes we cry when anything bad is said, or in a wrong manner, people tend to cry easily. Because their heart cannot hold the insult, embarassment and wrong behaviour. However this also indicate our mental health, we can say that the person is not strong mentally.

It is important to have proper mental health, otherwise we are close to falling into depression. Stress-free exercises should be practiced.

It can also be effects of mental stress. It implies that we are not strong enough to bear something. Our heart is too weak. Maybe because some people take things easily on heart.

They are unable to forget events of torture and they end up by breaking up in front of people. 

Crying is not our weakness. But people who tends to cry easily are not welcomed in a society by other people.

We should always stay positive and strong in life. We should never express our weakness in front of others. "Because everyone encounters problem in life, but it should be kept to your own self." Showing feelings in front of world is like making joke of yourself.

Humans won't ever understand you. Explaining your situation in life to people is waste of time. We should always have hope in God. And should seek his blessings.

Yes, someone who can really help us out from our problems we face are our parents and well wishers. We should have a strong heart and we should not be disheartened by someone's rough behaviour. We should rather ignore those people. And never hate them, because they are the one who help you to become stronger day by day. Presence of bad people around us is not a disadvantage, it is important for us to improve our flaws and increase our inner strength.

So act smartly, stay strong and cheerful ☺️☺️💕💕

Thankyou readers for your patience & time.





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