Avoid Common Mistakes During House Shifting

Shifting a house requires you to manage hundreds of tasks simultaneously. While people may think that there are only four parts of a relocation process – packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking; there are a bunch of things that you need to consider while carrying out each of these steps. Thus, it can be quite easy to make some mistakes during house shifting. So, if you are planning on a house move, we have curated a list of some of the most common mistakes that people tend to make while carrying out their relocation: 

Trying to Do it Yourself 

By making this mistake, you are probably inviting a lot more mistakes. As mentioned previously, there is a myriad of things that you need to consider while moving to a place. Since it is already a stressful time for you, it is recommended that you hire a team of professional packers and movers. Having an experienced and skilled team will ensure that most of the things are taken care of by them in a proper way. All you need to do is search for the ‘best packers and movers near me and you will come across various relocation companies in your area. 

Not Having a Plan 

Usually, first-time movers underestimate the importance of planning while relocating. One might think that this is a straightforward task. But packing your entire house into small boxes is extremely tedious and time-consuming. Thus, there are high chances that you will find yourself under a pile of items right before your moving day. To avoid this, be sure that you plan ahead. Start taking some time out of your schedule to pack some items. Moreover, be sure that you have a definite date of relocation so that you can book your packers and movers beforehand. 

Not Setting a Budget 

You would not want your relocation to burn your hole in your pocket. However, moving your entire house to a new place can be expensive. But by having a budget for your moving process and sticking to it, you can save some extra bucks. For this, you should opt for a pre-move survey from a reliable packer and movers’ team. Or you can simply compare different mover and packers’ ratesinChennai or Bangalore to get a better idea of the relocation charges. Also, consider avoiding moving during holidays, weekdays or festivals as it can cost you more than usual. 

Not Taking Insurance 

There might be quite a few things in your house that are very close to your heart and hold value. To ensure that all of these things reach your new place without any damage, you have already hired a team of professional packers and movers. However, to be extra sure, you should check the insurance policies that your relocation company is offering. This will hedge you against any monetary damage that may happen during transit. 


Moving to a new place does not have to be an overwhelming experience. And with these tips, you will be able to execute your relocation process without much hassle and avoid making any silly mistakes.



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