AWS: A Hatch to Catch the Tech World

Most of the world is now operating their software environments in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, and the remaining are also migrating to AWS daily. In today’s time, it is a powerful tool to function and increase productivity efficiently from home.

The need for AWS training is rapidly rising in the market with well-skilled professionals as there will be dozens of new services coming up to meet the customer requirements. These certifications are available to facilitate varied areas in demand across four levels. 

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Why Go In For An AWS Certification?

Companies all around the world are digitizing. With the growing cloud-based data, storage, and applications, the need for AWS cloud architect and developers are rapidly increasing.

Cloud computing, Server infrastructure, System architecture, and design are vast fields. And the demand for these will be ever-rising. AWS training and certifications help to fulfil the need for skilled professionals in these areas.

Amazon Web Services offer a platter of certifications in varied areas of demand. AWS Certifications are not stagnated and have fluidity in terms of innovation and up-gradation in courses. 

The Idea About AWS Certification System-

They currently provide 12 certifications, which include six core and six specialities. 

The core section has three tiers assortment:




Moreover, AWS certification training depends upon recommendations than requirements. It also caters to the need for free online courses for all levels to prepare for the certification exams.

Let’s dive into the ocean of tech certifications.

AWS Core Certification

1. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: This is a foundational level exam that covers the basic core principles of AWS Cloud. It serves as an introduction to the non-technical employees interested in the overview of the AWS working.

Preparations: You need to cover AWS essential services, features, basic infrastructure, deployment, operations. Along with this, AWS security, compliance, billing, and account management. 


AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate: This exam requires you to know about designing systems and applications on AWS. 

 Preparations- You need to pay attention to cloud-based solutions for deployments and demonstrate knowledge of architectural practices. Also, study about configuration, network, storage, compute in AWS.


2. AWS Certified Developer-Associate: This exam tests the ability to develop software applications of AWS Cloud

  • Preparations- Study about developing, deploying, and debugging cloud-based applications on AWS. 

3. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator-Associate: This exam checks your understanding of how to migrate on-premises workloads. And how to manage cloud systems for failure and high availability.

4. AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Professional: This certificate requires deploying multi-tier applications and building enterprise-scale cloud solutions. The aim is to minimize cloud computing costs.

5. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer-Professional: This demands the ability to manage distributed applications and supervise operational management of AWS. Including automatic security and compliance checks, monitoring, and logging practices.

AWS Specialty Certifications

Amazon offers six different AWS training certifications in specific fields. 

The table below describes all these specialized courses:


AWS Specialty Certification

Exam Pattern and Cost

  1. Managing networks and strong networking concepts with 2 or more years of experience.

  1. Recent AWS Certified cloud practitioner or AWS associate level certificate.

1) AWS Certified Advanced Networking

MCQs within 170 minutes

  1. At least 2 years of experience in securing applications and services and setting up security controls on AWS.

  1. 5 years of experience required in creating security controls and tools.

2) AWS Certified Security

MCQs within 170 minutes

  1. Understanding basic machine learning algorithms and analyzing data.

  1. Experience in developing and running machine-learning in AWS.

3) AWS Certified Machine Learning

MCQs within 180 minutes

Expertise in a programming language and publish an Alexa Skill.

4) AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder

MCQs within 170 minutes

5 years data analytics experience and 2 years in working with AWS.

5) AWS Certified Data Analytics

MCQs within 180 minutes

At least 5 years of working with Database tools and technologies. 

Expertise in cloud-based databases.

6) AWS Certified Database

MCQs within 180 minutes

The cost of all these exams is $300

AWS certifications offer different paths depending on your own needs and goals. You can work towards a broad overview, move into a more technical area, or specialize in an area like security or machine learning.


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