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Guys everyone is beautiful and there's no doubt about it. Our thought process and actions make us beautiful. But looking beautiful and having a flawless skin boosts our self confidence and motivates us to work towards skin care. Beauty has nothing to do with the skin tone or texture. It is concerned with how much we care about our skin and work for it. It is very important to keep our skin clean, moisturised and healthy. Exfoliation of skin is undeniably important. There's nothing wrong in using makeup but one shouldn't be totally dependent on it to look pretty. It should just be a choice not a compulsion. One should think about the bigger picture, about looking beautiful always. And this can only be possible if we nourish and love our skin and devote time to it. Makeup is no bad but excess of it is surely not good. When one achieves clear and glowing skin naturally, they become highly self confident and happy and motivated about it. Personally, I feel washing your face once a day with a good facewash and then moisturising it is enough and must be done. Face massages, peel off masks, skin hydrating creams etc must be used regularly to keep the skin hydrated and healthy. Guys skin care is highly essential. Becoming naturally beautiful does not mean attaining a fair complexion. Every skin tone is beautiful. It implies caring for your skin and nourishing it to make it flawless and glowing.


Some people also have certain health issues or skin issues due to which they might not be able to maintain a clear and flawless skin throughout.  But guys we must give basic care to our skin and it is a surety that it will improve. Some people have really oily skin resulting in pimples. So it is very important for such people to wash their face regularly with good face washes and not moisturise a lot but only a little. On the other hand, people with dry skin must not engage in frequent face washing as it will dry up the skin even more and wrinkles might start appearing quite soon. They rather must moisturise enough to get a glowing and wrinkle free skin. People with fine skin(not too oily or dry), must also wash their face regularly and exfoliate.

Eating habits play quite a major role guys in how our skin looks and how healthy it is. So, we must also take care of what we eat. Our eating habits can really improvise the quality of our skin. Drinking lots of water, eating healthy fruits and vegetables, fresh fruit juices, dry fruits, sprouts, health drinks, etc can enormously and unbelievably imrrovise our skin texture and it can help us in attaining and maintaining naturally beautiful and spotless skin. There's always a first time guys! So get going and devote some time for our precious faces and turn into a diva in no time. And don't forget guys, being beautiful at heart still tops the list.


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