Before You Become A WIFE

Before You Become A WIFE

Any man who finds a #Wife, finds a good treasure and obtains favour from God. Finding a wife is not a #Vanity at all; rather it is likened to finding a treasure because women are wonderful creatures from God!

That statement simply means that you become a wife from your parents house before a man finds you. It is also saying that you are not going to your #Husband's house to learn how to become a wife, but that you are going there to manifest the wife that you had become in your parents house. Then motherhood!

The aim of this article is therefore to discuss with you the seven (7) basic attributes or qualities that any yet to be married lady can glean from while waiting for him to find her.

While you wait, please do the following

1). HAVE VISION FOR YOUR LIFE. You are more than a cook and baby factory. You are on earth for a purpose. Make efforts to DISCOVER what you were created for an align yourself to it before marriage comes.

2). HAVE A SOURCE OF INCOME. You need to have a job or business that you are doing instead of looking for an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) to dump all your financial responsibility on.

3). LEARN TO PRAY. You need a strong prayer life in order to protect the destinies of your husband, your children and your own. Dont think that the devil will just fold his arms and watch your family blossom. Pray!

4). LEARN TO WHAT A MAN WANTS FROM A WOMAN. The one and only thing a man wants from you is honour and respect. Yes, he also needs sex, but not as much as he needs you to recognize him as your head!

5). LEARN HOW TO COOK. The third need of a man after respect and sex, is his food. So, in order to have a good home, learn to cook and serve good meals. Cooking different types of foods and soups will do a lot in uniting you to your husband and children.

6). LEARN TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY. Men are usually moved by what they see; so cannot be at your twenties and is looking as if you are in your forties. And when you are married, you dont need to stop looking good just because are married. Too much sugar, red meat, chocolates are not good for you. They are waiting to affect your body in future.

7). LEARN ABOUT SEX. As an adult, I want to believe that you are already familiar with your body. But just as an addition, go get the book titled EVERY WOMAN and read. It will help you understand your body better as a woman. Be familiar with your body and prepare for quality sex in marriage. Please I am not asking you to go and practice sex before marriage; but you need to learn about sex. The lack of this knowledge has crashed many marriages!


Thank you


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