Benefits of Studying In Malaysia in 2021

People who run their business in U.S. or wants start a business; they need to know about L-1 Visa benefits. It will help them to establish and grow their business. Like a temporary visa it has also its own benefits and drawbacks which people should know before applying for it. 


L-1 Visa Benefits for Foreign Workers:

L-1 Visa has two categories:

(a) L-1A Visa 

(b) L-1B Visa

L-1A Visa is for managers and executive categories and L-1B is for employees who have specialized knowledge in the required field. Both have different requirements and according to that applicant can stay in the country. 

L-1 visa have its own benefits if you associate it with other work visa, like O-1 visa need applicants with extraordinary skills through international rewards. TN Visa is for Canadian and Mexican applicants only.

And when you get to know the L-1 Visa it obliges only an applicant who is working in a multinational company as a manager, executive or specialized employee to get qualified.

It is very helpful to those applicants who are not eligible to other work visas.

No Job Offer Required:

In H-1B, J-1, and TN visa the most difficult part is to find an individual who are ready to sponsor you for your visa. And if you eligible for L-1 visa then the applicant will easily get the sponsorship from US companies.

No Annual Limits:

If we talk about H-1B visa it has some limitation on approval of application. Every year very few numbers of applications for H-1B visa are chosen randomly from the pool of submitted application. 

On the other side there is no such limitations are there for L-1 visa approval for every year. If you are qualified for L-1 Visa there is no chance they will reject your application on such basis of restricted selections.

Period of Stay:

The L-1A visa applicants can stay initially for three years and after that they extend their stay for maximum seven years.

In H-1B visa applicant can stay for maximum six years and for J-1 visa maximum for five years.

Educational Requirements:

The most important benefits of L-1A visa holders are that the applicants do not require a degree to get qualified. And there are some other visas also do not need education qualification, like O-1, E-2, TN and J-1 visa.

Spouses and Dependents Can Work:


The greatest benefit of L-1 Visa is that you can bring your spouse or dependents through L2 visa. And also if they are qualified for Employment Authorization Documents then they can work as well in US 


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