What are the factors  to consider while searching for Top CBSE schools in Noida?

Are you wondering, “which are the best private primary schools near me in Noida”? Then here is a blogpost that will help you find one of the top CBSE schools in Noida that has won numerous awards for its uniqueness.

Introduction to Primary School

The term primary school was coined from the French “école primaire”. Also known as elementary school, grade school or junior school, a primary school is a school for the primary education of children. It educates children between four to eleven years and comes before secondary school and after preschool. It is also the  first stage of formal education.


In most parts around the globe, primary education is considered the first stage of compulsory education and is normally available free of cost. It can be privately or publicly operated and may be subsidized from public funds. 

Importance Of Early Education


The first few years of a child’s life are absolutely critical for setting the foundation for language acquisition, socialization and attitudes to learning. During the early years humans are capable of absorbing a lot of information. The brain grows most rapidly during these years. High quality and well-trained teachers and preschools with developmentally appropriate programs can have a long-term effect on improving learning outcomes for children. 


The effect tends to be more marked for disadvantaged students, that is, children coming from impoverished backgrounds with very little or no access to healthy food, socialization, books and play resources. 


UNICEF has stated some of the positive benefits of providing children with primary education including: increased environmental understanding, decreased poverty and child mortality rates and encouraging gender equality. 


Factors To Be Considered While Selecting Private Primary Schools Near You In Noida :

The very first factor to be considered is your child’s needs and learning style. Ask yourself questions about what type of environment would be best suited for your child. Does your child require more individual attention and has any special learning needs? How does your child learn best, by listening, watching or by reading? Does the child enjoy working alone more or in groups? Best schools are those that encourage and inculcate a growth mindset rather than fixed mindset. 

It is significant to consider factors like proximity - gather information asking what are the best private primary schools near me? Look at the curriculum and academic programs offered, approach to learning, cost, academic performance, diversity, behavior policy, safety, size, facilities and services, student-teacher interaction, parent engagement, reputation etc. All these factors help make a more informed decision.

GIIS, Noida


The program for primary years in Global Indian International School, Noida is designed for students between six to ten years of age. The faculty helps in identifying and nurturing the students interests, making the academic and non-academic information passed more engaging and an overall fun and joyful experience. GIIS is a top cbse school in Noida.


The curriculum offered is CBSE and the methodology used can be classified as a spiral learning method. The main idea behind this is- rising higher and going deep. There is a good balance created between understanding and imagination. 


Basic concepts are introduced to the students at a fairly young age and as they proceed further the concepts keep upgrading and getting deeper and complex. Students are able to develop an in-depth understanding of each concept which aids in easing pressure on them and creating a life-long love and passion for learning with the help of professional and qualified faculty. 




Primary schools play a crucial role in developing children’s appreciation of sharing, cooperation, fairness and mutual respect along with developing appreciation of mutual respect, cooperation, sharing, fairness and socialization. Therefore it is very important to make a well-informed decision since the early age is the foundation for a brighter future before you find the top cbse school in Noida.


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