Best Time Management Apps for Students


Best Time Management Applications

1. Focus booster

It is an online application that works by breaking up your schedule into small parts. For example, students can utilize it to revise their syllabus into different parts. It primarily catered to the needs of professionals who want to manage their time. However, you can also use it for tracking your homework, study or research. 

Further, the app includes break reminders and calculates your time usage. Thus, allowing you to be more productive. 

The application is available on Android, Mac and Windows. Furthermore, it is free to use the upgradable app. However, you need to pay some charges for its premium version. It has different versions for individual and professional use.

2. Brain Focus Productivity Timer

The application is a timer that allows you to allocate a particular set of time for different tasks. Thus, allowing you to fix a set time for studying and taking a break. 

The application will also be useful to keep you on track if you easily get distracted while studying. 

Some features of this application include time tracking by tasks, task grouping, and customizing different settings for each task. Additionally, the task also allows you to resume or pause your sessions. Furthermore, it allows you to add time, skip break sessions. 

The application also allows you to visually customize your application in colors such as Red, Green, Pink, to name a few. Further, the application supports 30+ languages. 

The Brain Focus Productivity Timer is available on both iOS and Windows. Further, it is free to use applications that can be upgraded using the premium version. 

3. Evernote 

Evernote is an all-in-one application that allows you to organize notes, manage time, take notes, and manage projects. 

One of the best choices for students, Evernote allows you to manage your time and work simultaneously. The application also has a feature that allows you to dictate notes and thus, saves your time.

It is available on both Mac, iOS, Android and Windows versions. In addition, it has both upgradeable free and paid versions. 

4. Rescue Time 

The Rescue Time runs in your application background and thus, calculates the time you spent on multiple websites and applications. Later on, it provides you with a report to check the places where you have utilized your time. 

Using this report, you can start making various changes to spend your time wisely. 

The best thing about this application is that it helps you understand the things that are not worth your time. In addition, by reviewing your weekly reports, you can track your progress and change your habits. 

The application has both free to use and paid versions.

5. Remember the Milk 

The application acts as a personal reminder for its user. Moreover, it supports sync on every device feature that shares all your information into various connecting devices. 

Using the application's sharing feature, you share your lists, reminders, with other people. 

Thus, it allows students to add priority-based assignments, and add task lists. Furthermore, it allows you to break your tasks into small bits to assist your time limit. Further, you can also customize your task lists as per school work, and homework. 

Just write down what you need to be reminded of and leave the rest to the application. 

The application is free to use, but you can also buy its premium version as per your plan and convenience. 


For students, time management is not only about passing your exams with flying colors. It primarily means taking care of your health along with your studies. Try using one of these applications to manage your deadlines successfully. 

Thus, utilize these apps and manage your time with these applications and improve your habits. 

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