I hope you all are well in this COVID-19 period. In this period many peoples or we can say a middle class family members were in trouble about money. But some other peoples was pre-occupied to earn money online like work from home, part time jobs etc. In this situation they got help of cryptocurrencies to double or earn money. now, cryptocurrency is a digitalcurrency we can say. There is many currencies like- bitcoin(btc),etherum(eth),litecoin(ltc),tron(trx)etc. Now, first of all we should understood bitcoin(btc) in this we can change as an international currency. There wallet also availabe for cryptocurrencies like- faucetpay, expresscrypto,payeeretc. Each currency have diffrent values in inr,usd etc. like- 

1 bitcoin(btc) = 18,00,000 inr

1litecoin(ltc) = 9,000 inr


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