Black Fungus : New Epidemic Of India

Black Fungus: New Epidemic Of India

Black fungus,  also known as Mucormycosis, is a rare fungal infection, which attacks nasal sinuses and makes its ways to intraorbital and intracranial regions.  If this infection not detected earlier and treated, in case this infection reaches eyes and brain, it may cause death or a person has to loose his pair of eyes. This infection shows mortality rates of 50% in India. 

Recently,  it is seen that,  patient which recovered from Covid-19 are most vulnerable for this very rare infection. Many doctors across India reckons that steroidal treatment for Covid-19 patients triggered no.  of cases of Black Fungus. Inflammation caused in lungs during Covid-19 ,by the action of immunity system, reduced by steroids and helpful for stopping further damage to lungs. Steroids also reduced patient immunity and push up the blood sugar level making human body favourable for lethal Black fungus infection.This reason is considered as,  rash in the cases of Black Fungus, in the midst Covid-19 pandemic in India. Further ,Diabetes mellitus patient and patient on high steroid therapy,  immunosuppressive therapy,  oxygen therapy and those who spends long time in I.C.U are the group of patients suffered from this infection. 

This infection hits India very badly and to the date,  Rajasthan and Telangana declared this infection as epidemic. Till now,  in Maharashtra 2000+, Gujarat 1200+, Madhya Pradesh 550+ cases appear and these states of India seems affected very badly.  In Delhi,  300+ cases founded and in AIIMS every day 20 cases appear. In Maharashtra 90 covid survivour offered to death by this infection. 

Symptoms of Black Fungus:

This infection spreads from nasal sinuses to lungs, eyes and brain. So symptoms,one may detect are 

. Black/Bloody Nasal discharge

. Blackish decolourisation of bridge over the nose and palate

.Nasal congestion

. Pain on cheeks

.Numbness/Swelling of eyes

. Loosening of tooth

. Blurred or double vision of eyes. 


. limited doses and lesser duration of steroid given during Covid-19 treatment. 

. Regular regulation of sugar level

. For those patient ,who is in oxygen support,  water of humdifier should be clean. 


An antifungal injection named Amphotericin B given intravenously to the patient. Posaronazole and Isavucanozale are also used as antifungal intravenous or oral treatment.  




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