Blind race of human

Today's people are running a race which is never going to end because the thirst for having more has no limit. Humans do not have time for their own self and family just for earning money blindly. They have no time for playing with their children and spend quality time with their spouse and just because of this hectic and money minded lifestyle their life becomes full of depression and negativity, which ultimately leads to many health issues and saviour diseases in humans. The scenario of the world is alarming and people should understand the importance of their family and health too. Earn money, alot of money but never ignore the perspective of a healthy lifestyle which is the real gem of our life and always keep relationships ahead of money and stop for a while to give a direction to this unstoppable blind race of earning money. Instead of being money minded, we need to focus on a healthy mind which can be attained with a good life cycle and a strict regime for following healthy habits in our life. Take out time from office cabins and have a discussion of profit and loss in business, must focus on our family and relations and also keep investing time with them. The time when we all start feeling that life is not just about money but also about inner peace, a healthy lifestyle, healthy relations and that feeling of satisfaction.


Overall, it can be said that we are on earth to live for limited life and at last all going to be vanish so, let's start living life happily and showing a gratitude towards God for giving us a beautiful and contained life. Stop the materialistic approach to race and do focus on the realistic aspect of this journey to avoid the blind race of money and we should redefine the meaning of life for our coming generations so that they can be more focused on a healthy lifestyle with good moral values for relations rather than follow this never ending race.


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