boAt Wireless earbuds airdrops 211 - Review

BoAt air dopes 211

BoAt lifestyle, a well-known brand that is famous for its best quality audio electronic products. They have launched many audio products with outstanding, sound quality. Their products are one of the most successful electronics products. They have introduced their other latest product Air dopes 211 portable True Wireless Earbuds in the category of wireless earbuds after their great success of freesoulZ 511. Their new product is for a carefree generation. This product is best for wireless fans. This air dope gives you premium HD powered sound quality by 8mm drivers that gently directs you down the road of nirvana. It is comfort-oriented designed for youths who want carefree wireless earbuds.


BoAt Airdopes 211 is powered by Bluetooth V4.1 which present strong connectivity along with a clear stereo sound. Bluetooth, its quality is also superior, due to which the sound quality is heard very clearly. Its frequency is 20kHZ. This product is for those who want outstanding sound and connectivity from the wireless earbuds for daily use, with strong connectivity and long battery life.

Battery life

 It has a long durable battery that lasts for a long duration after charging. Convenience is on hand with the 450 mAh modern charging case that easily charges the earphones 3-4 times over which implies you can use them for a total of 10- 14 hours while each earbud operates for 2.5 hours on a single charge. 


When in use the Capacitive Touch Controls allow you to grab tracks and reply call with zero limitation. The detectors on the side of each earbud create fun all functions including interaction. boAt Air Does 211 have very lightweight in-ear. Made with a shiny black coating that carries superior soft ear tips, these 11.2 grams earbuds scream fresh equilibrium, detailed framework, and quality material. The Airdopes 211 are sweatproof and waterproof.

Its design makes ears feel very comfortable, it fits comfortably in the ear design and does not fall from the ear while running or walking. The weight does not stress the ear, which makes the ear feel very comfortable despite using it for a long time.  Its body is also made of high-quality material, which does not harm the screen in any way and prevents sweat from the sides of the ear.  If you talk about it differently, due to its sound quality, it also gives a great voice due to the use of quite a balance base and good quality copper.

Charging case

Related to most truly wireless earbuds, the boAt Airdopes 211 come in a rectangular-shaped charging case. The box isn't actually compact and is made up of plastic. It doesn't feel very strong, and I feel it could break if it is kept in a tight jeans pocket or if stress is applied. The boAt has manufactured the case thoughtfully. There's a hook on its right side letting you connect it to your bag. The top is transparent and enables one to see the charging level of each of the earphones. A Blue LED signifies that the buds are charging, while red indicates that the case itself is taking charge. The case can be charged using a micro-USB cable and the four LED indicators alongside show battery level left.

Unlocking the case needs a push of the button at the front. Once opened, you can notice that the lid itself looks quite fragile and could break easily. The buds rest in their different places and since there's a designated position for left and right, there's no difficulty in putting them back in.

Audio quality 

The Airdopes 211 are adapted towards bass. Hearing tracks from Marshmello or Deadmau5 assure that you are able to enjoy the oomph, but you'd see that the regularity is quite bulgy which degrades the experience. That also tells that highs aren't decent. While kids aren't the cleanest, they sound very good. Tracks like Wow by Post Malone allow you to enjoy the lyrics along with the beats. With the in-built microphone, you can also use boAt's gift for hearing calls. While the other party was able to overhear your voice.


These air dopes are for Rs 2,499, the boAt Airdopes 211 are a remarkable pair of truly wireless earphones. They give decent sound, comfortable fit, and can last up to a day. While there are connectivity problems and the sound integrity might not satisfy the connoisseurs, these niggles deeming the pair don't have much competition. These air dopes are pocket friendly and do not disturb your budget so far. These air dopes are affordable and preferable by all classes of people easily.

This implies that if you're in the need for an incredibly affordable, no-nonsense set of truly wireless earbuds, then you should take a long, hard look at the boAt Airdopes 211.


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