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The boat is an Indian company based in Mumbai started by an entrepreneur. Having prior experience in the field, he founded this company with utmost dedication and the products show the entire hard work behind them. The company strives to deliver the best without compromising on the quality.

One of the products that the company manufactures is Earbuds. High quality, great sound, and stylish looks make them stand apart from the crowd. You can find them on amazon. A huge range of earbuds from a boat gives you a choice to select the one that suits your budgets and your needs. We will discuss a few of them here to make your purchase simpler. Here are few of them -

  1. For those who believe in quality and looking for earbuds at pocket-friendly prices, the company presents The Bass heads series with the price range starting from 399 INR. The price just turned your head again, right? Yes, we are not kidding bass with earbuds at a price of 399. There are various varieties in the series depending upon your requirements. With inline microphones, hawk inspired design, 2mw power, and superb colors is what makes Head bass 100 and Headbass 102 most demanding headphones.
  2. The Bass heads series 910,122 and 132 have also been listed on Amazon for purchase at almost throwaway prices. These start at a price range of 799 and above. The quality of sound the looks are worth the money you would pay to buy.
  3. Rockers 270 V2 and Rockerz 450 are wireless earbuds that are available on Amazon and the price starts from 1499 INR. Luxury added sound soft matte cushions for comfort to your ears. All this at a budget friendly price. Who says you can’t get stylist with lesser money! Rockers 270 v2 comes with 8-hour battery life, lithium batteries, and IPX5 certification. Get ready to charge the earphones at the go with the USB charging feature.
  4. Can you even imagine airdopes at a price of 1999 ONT? Hard to believe but true. Europe 201 has a 3-hour battery life, comes in a case that charges it with 440mah battery and V5 blue tooth connectivity. So get ready to experience the real luxury of sound with these earphones. Visit Amazon to purchase them today.
  5. When we talk about premium quality, the first thing we think of is sky touching price. We tend to repress our desires at times. But with the boat, we let you experience the quality at the price of the economy. Airdopes 381 and 382 are available on Amazon. These are IPX5 shield certified which means they are sweat and water-resistant. They have a 4-hour playtime and comes with a self-charging case with a 500mah battery that ensures a 4-time charge.

Visit for the whole of Boat earbuds. Shop with Amazon and get amazing discounts, various payment options, and guarantee to be the best. Speedy delivery, easy returns, and best price security are what you get with us.


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