Can this project change your lifestyle?

Today we will discuss about the advertising project of the lifestyle company.

       "Company Introduction"

 The name of this company is Jaa Lifestyle Company, the full form of this is *Jumpstart and Amazing Lifestyle* The company was started in London, UK in 2020.  In India it is registered on 3rd December 2020 under MCA i.e. Ministry of Corporate Affairs from Bangalore.  Its Honors CEO is CEO Mr. Alex Sir and its Director in India is Mr. Johnny Sir.  The head office of this company is in London UK and registered office in India is in Bangalore.

   *Company Mission*

    The company claims that our business platform has the power to change the lifestyle of people and allows people to earn a lot of money in a short span of time.  The company claims that today people in about 200 countries are joining and starting business with us.  There are about 2 crore registered members in our company and lakhs of people are getting themselves registered with the company every day.  Initially the company had set a target of 3 million registered members, but the company never achieved that target and today a crowd of 2 crore people have joined the company.  The company had also seated its future shares to 3 million people, now the company claims that it will be listed on the London Exchange very soon and the future shares will be converted into real shares.  The company is also claiming to give all its members the equivalent of 20 Euros in the cryptocurrency Jaa Coin.  The company says that very soon we are going to launch Jaa coin.

      The owner of the company, Mr. Alex Sir, says that today there is a lot of money in the entire economic world in only 2 sectors (stock market and advertising).  We have designed our project incorporating both the areas.

    *Business plan of the company*

    The company does the work of showing advertisements in the field of earning.  Any member who registers himself with the company.  Gets his PV ie KYC completed, he gets to see 60 advertisements per day.  It takes about an hour and the company promises to pay 1000 Euro per year for that 1 hour of watching ads.  Dividing 1000 euros per day per year 2.74


   Euro comes out every day and converting it into Indian currency means around ₹ 230 per day.

  There is an income of about ₹ 7000 per month.

 *Types of Income in the Company*

   1- The first income in the company is joining and watching sixty advertisements daily, in return the company gets about 82.2 Euro per month i.e. about ₹ 7000 per month.

 2- There is second income in the company, referral income i.e. from the people you connect directly with you, you will also get 100% i.e. about ₹ 7000 per month from each ID.  There is no limit to add here, you can add countless people directly with you.  If we add 100 people directly, then we start earning about ₹ 700000 per month from them.

 3- The name of the third income in the company is Level Income.  The team that joins with you up to level 7 earns you a great income.  That is, 5 euros per month from those who join you directly, and 2-2 euros from people who join the second, third, fourth, fifth level and 3 euros from those who join at level 6 and 4- from everyone who joins the last 7th level.  The company promises to give you 4 euros per month. This income is very small to see, but it is a huge income.

 *Joining in company*

 There are two ways to subscribe to the company.  Although the registration of the company is free, but for getting the PV i.e. personal verification done in the company, the Nordic company has to pay a charge of Rs 1109.  If a person gets his PV


  If you do not want to do it, then you can earn by taking a free membership.  The company has differentiated the income of the members who do PV and the members who do not do PV.  The difference is such that a PV member earns 2.74 euros per day for viewing 60 ads.  And those who put direct below you also get 100% i.e. 2.74 Euro per day and level income up to 7 level.  Pays 96 EUR per day and direct joiners pays only .69 EUR per day and does not get any rewards at the lower level.

  Conclusion:- If the company is able to provide the plan as it claims, then this project is really a lifestyle changer plan.  The poorest of the poor can also join through this project.  And adding people with you can earn from 70000 to ₹ 100000 per month comfortably.  If this happens, then it will be called financial freedom in a way.for more information visit

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