Carb cycling: Burn Fat 2x faster

What is "CARB CYCLING" :

Carb cycling is something in which  we deal with our daily carbohydrates intake , basically balancing of carbohydrates in your diet from high carbs to low carbs to no carbs and repeating this cycle again. This balancing of carbs can be done over a period of time in any intervals. This can be done for days,weeks or months . But how.....?

Imagine a person starting carb cycling he will have many options in which he will decide the intervals of day in which the carbohydrates in his diet will be high and low:


case 1: The person can distribute his carbohydrates over a weak such that he will be having a high carbs diet for 3 days , then  low carbs diet for other 2 and then 1 day of zero carbs , and after a low carb day he will again shoot the amount of carbohydrates in his diet .What happens when you switch to low carbs and no carbs day , the metabolism of your body slows down , and suddenly on the next day when you spike the amount of carbs in your diet the metabolism boost rapidly . This kind of carb cycling can be found very effective in every approach .


case 2: The person is having a cycle of carbohydrates in long interval's as 2 weeks high carbs , then 2 weeks low carbs and then a week of no carbs. But what happen in this case is when you are on a low or no carb diet for a long periods of time  the metabolism of your body slows down for a periods of time . Many bodybuilders and fitness models  stay on a very low carbs in their final weaks of preparation which affects the metabolism of their body.

For a person in beginner phase it is always recommended to stay on cycle with short intervarls of high , low and no carbs respectively.Carb cycling is done by the individual who wants to limit or optimize the daily carbohydrate intake .


Basic science behind carb cycling :

Carb cycle is designed in such a way that it fulfill the needs of calories and glucose .High carbs period helps to improve performance as the individual is already high on energy , it also reduces muscle breakdown and refuels muscle glycogen. strategical design for high carbs interval can also improve the function of appetite regulating hormones. On a low carbs interval an improved insulin sensitivity was experienced.An individual may feel quite low on period of time in which they are cutting carbohydrates on low carbs and no carbs day as they are already running low on energy but in this case the body is functioned to work on fats, As it uses fats for the source of energy which help to lose fat quite fatser than in normal conditions. When you are dealing with carbohydrates in your daily diet make sure it goes well with your workout schedule (plan weight training sessions on days in which you are high on calories . Cardio and fucntional training can be done on low carbs interval,Plan your recovery periods on Low/No carbs day) In this case an individual will not face issues in workout and training.Carb cycling can be also followed for a healthy lifestyle as many other benifits like enhanced metabolism,improved cholestrol,etc were seen in individuals.


One can always consider carb cycle diet in order to achieve fat loss goals, in  case of weight/muscle gain  or an underweight individual ,high carbohydrate diet is recommended for better results .To strategise your diet plan you need to know the ideal weight according to your hieght which can be calculated as:

For Males: 50 kg+2.3 kg for each inch after 5ft

For females: 45.5 kg+2.3kg for each inch after 5 ft 

In order to achieve your muscle gain goals make sure you eat enough calories according to your target bodyweight ,and the protein intake should be 1.5-2.0 grm per kg of bodyweight. 


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