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 The term millennial refers to people between the ages of 24 and 38 by 2020.  Financial goals and, therefore, the advice of a 24-year-old can be very different from someone approaching their forties.  Here are some goals you can try and achieve so you can manage your wealth well in the coming year.

 1. The Golden Rule: Start Early!

 From the first day, in your twenties, start investing your savings and start your first job.

 # Plan well to buy Apple iPhones and headsets.

 # Try to divide your income into two parts - the investment is 30 years old.

 # Use the tires in your savings to invest in the right vehicle, such as equities that will help you grow wealth in the long run.

 # When you start creating wealth at a young age you will have to invest less as you get older.

 # If a person between the ages of 30 and 40 decides to create a property worth $ 50000 at the age of 50, they must invest $ 100/350 $, respectively (estimated at 10% return per year)

 So, for those of us who reach the other end of the spectrum, if you haven’t started investing yet, it’s time to get started.

 2. Use the power of the compound

 It will grow as your investment increases.  Simply put, the return on any investment comes from the reinvested income.  When you start investing your savings in the right tools and according to your risk appetite and goals - the money you invest will not be consistent in basic investments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds).  The time you continue to invest.  The flow from point 1 gives you more time to feed and grow corals as quickly as possible.

 3. Control petty expenses and avoid liabilities

 Sounds like advice from the older generation, but trust me, this is still true today.  This is something that COVID-inspired lockdown operators can experience - here we are forced to control our spending and spend only on essentials.  Motivate and motivate yourself to follow the same rules in financial matters - even after the recession.

 Another loan and another liability is not something you want to take.  So, the demand is sincere and pressing, only if the bank has enough firepower, do you have to think about splurging?  This will ensure that more money is invested in the right place for the right purpose and that it is enough for you to create wealth.  Remember that any loan or liability you take out will only pay interest for the first few years.  This will have a huge impact on your overall finances.

 4. Equities instead of FDs

 When you find the time on your side as you get younger, your risk-taking ability increases by default.  I saw Asinquitlines with more money parked in their bank accounts and more fixed deposits than needed.  Maybe it's because they want to play it safe or because their family members have the misconception that they can invest in equal-digit likes to earn more, so why should your investments be different?

 Do you want to say 4% or 10% of your investment?  The best performing asset inequities have the potential to give you double-digit growth along with the risk factor.  The more time you give to your investments the lower the risk (that is one) and you have time at your end.  Banks and FDs will give you a fixed level of 4% to 6%.  But it may not even affect inflation.  This is not enough to lead you to your goals.

 Know what your risk is before you start investing in equities, it will help you achieve your investment and expectations when you need them.

 5., count your blessings.  And investments

 As a financial planner, I have had the opportunity to interact with many millennials, some of whom have traveled from their home country to metro cities to build their lives, careers, and homes.  Mortgages are one of the biggest debts we have to bear and are the biggest and most difficult to repay.  But at some point they have to go for it, having an investment plan first helps them to carry less of the burden of liability.

 When others get the status of their parents or grandparents, they try to build it and give it the freedom to invest.  I always tell them, count your blessings, you are lucky because you do not carry this burden.  But do as you do.  Make the most of the income you earn by investing in the right tools, make a 'good EMI' as an ad says, and the benefits of investing properly starting early cannot be overestimated.

 Here are some things to keep in mind for investors of all ages.

 But for millennials - before they start to slow down over the age of 20, these pointers are important and need to be adhered to for a secure financial future.  Harshad Chetanwala is a Certified Financial Planner and co-founder of My Wealth Growth, an online investment research platform 


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