Crush and burn state of affairs

As per the passed couple of months, the world has been riddled and perplexed by the coronavirus pandemic. Apparently, the end times appear to near with each passing day. Governments in third-world countries are collapsing due to a lack of revenue and so consequently are withdrawing necessary social amenities such as health care. Now this may not be much of a challenge to the well-off common citizen, but for individuals that live below the poverty line; this is an absolute disaster. Without government funding, most hospitals will be forced to close down or worse yet withdraw necessary services needed by clients and patients alike. Much-needed doctors may be laid-off if hospitals will be unable to pay their salaries. This brings the question: who will be available to treat citizens? And if such a frustrating state continues, how will the hospitals pay for their power bills? And if they don't won't the patients ventilators require power to keep them alive? It is obviously evident that the coronavirus pandemic has hereby crippled the medical sector in several countries.


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