Dance Diva Jacqueline Fernandez

She is the most gorgeous actress, dance diva, Miss Universe Jacqueline Fernandez. She was born on August 11, 1985 in Sri Lanka, where she spent her childhood and finished her education.

She had many dreams from her childhood and she tried to fulfill them in her life and basically she was inspired by her parents - Elroy Fernandez (father) and Kim Fernandez (mother).

Jacqueline thought about her serious career, after the childhood education. Her beauty carries a versatile modeling approach and so she builds her stubborn career with modeling performances, that made her once the most beautiful and an active dance diva in Sri Lanka

Jacqueline Fernandez was awarded the Miss Universe Sri Lanka pageant in 2006 and she thought of continuing her career with full enthusiasm in modeling, Sometimes in cinema and sometimes in her dance career , she made her debuts with the full of honest.

In 2009, Fernandez went to India for a modeling assignment. She successfully auditioned of Sujoy Ghosh's fantasy film Aladdin (2000), her  acting debut. She played a character based on Ritesh Deshmukh’s love interest, the character of Princess Jasmine.

The beautiful Jacqueline from abroad did not have any difficulty in making Indian hindi movies though. It is to be noted that she did not feel any difficulty in her career in mastering the language and ideas that centered the entire controversy of Indian cinema. 

After being abroad and coming from Sri Lanka, Jacqueline Fernandez made her career debut in India with full enthusiasm, full of attention. The films she mentioned are. Judwaa 2 (2017), Kick (2014), Murder 2 (2011), Roy (2015), Housefull (2010), Housefull 2 ​​(2012), Mrs. Serial Killer (2020), and these films give prominent ideas about her best acting. .

Originally Jacqueline Fernandez made her debut as a modeling, heroine, or sometimes as a serious killer, or as a controversial character in many of her award-winning films. Since, she is primarily suitable of her acting debut - such as Killer, murders, etc., her modeling beauty shows her extraordinary smartness in any of her pictures at any time.

Nowadays, she is performing in various dance shows, they are becoming very famous one after another. Her best and stylish dance performance viz. "Boro Loker Biti Lo, Lomba Lomba Chul", "Mere Angne Mein Tumhara Kya Kaam Hai", "Chitiya Kaliyaan" and most recently "Main Paani Paani Ho Gayin" etc.

On the professional front, Jacqueline Fernandez is the most beautiful and elegant. Showing her temperament gives evidence of her inner glamour. Thousands of her fans on her Instagram want to decorate her every day and she tries to fulfill their desires by proving her beauty. Her hot and adorable pictures are really charming.

As she is suitable for many films, digital films, hindi songs through the best writing in various news media and 'The Times of India' has featured her character many times . Recently she was seen in a water music video with  Badshah. Jacqueline is also with Akshay Kumar along with 'Ram Setu' and 'Bachchan Pandey' and her digital debut through the Netflix film 'Mrs. Serial Killer', starred Manoj Vajpayee and Mohit Raina.

In addition to movies, Jacqueline has many other addictions and professions. She decided to pursue a career in cinema and dance as her profession. She also cares to follow a regular diet including regular yoga, gym and riding. She has been seen in various ways riding horses in beautiful clothes. Thus, through his features and character, her fickle nature is captured.

In the world of Bollywood movies, the beautiful Jacqueline can be considered as a newcomer. But her extraordinary acting talent and true devotion to dance have made her much more beautiful. Because of all this, she is a favorite of many in today. 


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