Danger Signs and Symptoms something is Wrong with your Reproductive System

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The reproductive system in our bodies plays a lot of significant roles. From being a pathway for waste products to performing the magic in child birth. However there are so many things that may interfere with the normal functioning of this crucial system. Having the ability to correctly recognize these off marks is very essential in maintaining your health. So when should you start to get worried.

To make this more comprehendible, I have decided to divide the red flags into two namely, Male and Female.

Female red marks in the reproductive system.

  • ·         Offensive Vaginal discharge.
  • ·         Painful sexual intercourse.
  • ·         Excessive menstrual bleeding.
  • ·         Abnormal vaginal bleeding without a known cause.
  • ·         Extremely painful menstrual periods.
  • ·         Vaginal itching.
  • ·         Lower abdominal pain.
  • ·         Difficulty in urination.
  • ·         Haematuria.(passing out bloody urine)
  • Irregular periods.

Male red flags in the Male reproductive system.

  •            Pus discharge from the penis.
  •            Haematuria.(passing out bloody urine)
  •            Erectile dysfunction.
  •            Painful sexual intercourse.
  •           Painful tests.
  •           Swollen scrotum.
  •           Lower abdominal pain.
  • Painful urination.

What to do if you experience any of the symptoms.

Most of the symptoms outlined above may be indicators of an underlying condition. They are only indicative features but diagnostic conclusions can not be drawn from them. Learning to recognise these symptoms early enhances early treatment. Early diagnosis and subsequent treatment always command a better prognosis. By better prognosis, I mean higher chances of improving from an illness. It is advisable to visit a medical worker once you notice one or more of these. Medical investigations should then carried out to come to a conclusive diagnosis of your problem.

However, most of these are always due to unhealthy sexual practices. Therefore always endavour to protect yourself by having protected sex with a condom. Also, stick to one sexual partner and always remember to get your selves tested at a medical facility.


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