Do you know about Elemental Consciousness? What is your real consciousness?

1-What is God *consciousness*?

     We all have a close relationship with God, because He is our original father.  But we have forgotten about this connection.  When we become interested in knowing what is my relationship with God?  What is the goal of life?  Then we are said to be God conscious.  The nectar of God consciousness is already present in the heart of every living being, but we have forgotten it due to our material life.

 2- What is the specialty of * Divine * * Shakti * among all religions?

         The spirit of all religions is God consciousness.  But nowadays people do not follow the rules and regulations of their religion and the orders of their worshipers, so they all get away from the level of God consciousness.  Primarily Dharma means knowing and loving God.  This is religion.  Nowadays no one knows God due to lack of training, so where does the question of loving Him arise?  People go to the church and get satisfied by praying, O God, give us our daily food.  Because its goal is not to know and love God, but to make some personal gains.  In other words, if I claim to follow a particular religion, but I do not know who God is or how to love Him, then I am practicing a deprivation religion.  As far as literature of all religions is concerned, ample opportunities have been given in them to understand God.  But no one wants to take advantage of that opportunity and, doing their own arbitrariness, flaunts religion." *Hindu* "" *Muslim* " *Christian* " The name is just a rubber stamp, none of them know that  Who is God and how to love Him.

 3- How can the *spiritual* *guru* be recognized among the hypocrites.

          Whoever teaches this, teach how not to know God and how to love Him.  He is a spiritual master.  Sometimes hypocrites corrupt the path of sly people. They claim "I am God" who don't even know what God is?  He believes in those elements.  You must be a serious inquisitor to understand who God really is and how to love Him.  Otherwise you will only waste your time.  The difference between other people and us is that only our movement is the one that can really teach man how to know and love God.  Our sole purpose is to love God. Not to demand the fulfillment of our needs from God.  God is fulfilling the needs of all, even those who have no religion.

 4- Do all * religion * * path * reach at one place?

      No. There are four types of human beings - Karmi, Gnani, Yogi and Bhakta.  And everyone also achieves the goal.  The worker works hard for some material gain.  For example - Many people in the city work hard day and night and their aim is to get some money.  They are called successful workers.  Gnani- He is the one who thinks why I am working so hard.  Birds, bees, elephants are not the business of other animals, yet they are able to eat.  so i am unnecessary

   Why should I work so hard?  Instead, I should try to solve the problems of life - birth, death, old age, disease.  The wise tries to become immortal.  He thinks that if he becomes absorbed in God then he will get rid of birth, death, old age, disease.  Yogi- tries to get some yogic powers for the purpose of showing miracles.  For example- A yogi can assume a very short form.  If you lock him in a room, he can come out through any small hole.  Because of showing such a miracle, the yogi is immediately accepted as a very wonderful human being.  So all the paths lead to different destinations.

     When you attain such a state of loving the Lord, in which the father-son relationship of the Lord and the devotee is established. That is the greatest accomplishment.  Neither the karmi nor the jnani nor the yogi can know God.  Only time can know God.

 5- What kind of _transformation_ takes place in a human being by following *devotion* *path*-

       There is no transformation, your original consciousness is God consciousness.  Right now your consciousness is covered with many filth.  You have to clean it and once it is clean it will result in God consciousness.  Our consciousness is like water.  Water is clean and transparent by nature.  But sometimes it becomes muddy.  In the same way you will attain the form of your original consciousness.

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