Dominate the online education market through On-demand tutor app development


In recent times, the education industry has been tremendously disrupted by Tutoring service apps. These online learning platforms are heavily utilized by students and teachers for sharing academic content, conducting tests, and sorting out doubts. Some of the popular On-demand tutor apps in the market are Chegg, Khan Academy, Preply, Skooli, Vedantu, Toppr, TutorMe, and TutorEye.

 Some insightful statistics about Tutoring service apps


  • The global market for online tutoring services is expected to reach $15.99 billion by 2027 growing at an impressive rate of 16.1% every year.
  • North America will pocket a bulk of revenue while the Asia-Pacific market will witness substantial growth.  The North American market got a 35% revenue share in 2019. 
  • Students have spent 54% more time online tutoring apps over the past year. 

 The key features of an Uber for Tutor


  • Access to different kinds of study material - for school and college students.  It includes blogs, videos, articles, e-books, and research papers. 
  • Extensive evaluation - The knowledge level of the students can be comprehensively tested through quizzes, written exams, and multiple-choice questions. 
  • An exclusive dashboard for teachers - All the leading subject experts in different fields will be hired to provide their services on the platform. The dashboard contains details of all the courses they offer, the duration of each course, and the academic material. 
  • Easy adaptability - There is no pressure or deadlines in an online tutoring app and the students are free to learn at their own pace ensuring a lot of flexibility and comfort. 
  • A live chat option - A lot of interaction is possible in the on-demand tutor app as students and teachers can discuss the subjects through the real-time chat facility.
  • A rating and review system - Students and parents can share their honest feedback in the integrated rating and review system by voicing their opinion on the quality of teachers on a scale of 1-5. A high level of accountability is ensured as teachers with a lot of negative reviews are permanently removed from the platform. 
  • Specialized coaching - Coaching can be given by experts for cracking the top government entrance tests and competitive exams. 

 The detailed process to use an On-demand tutor app


  • The students have to install the app - on their devices and register themselves on the platform. 
  • Tutors have to create a profile on the app - and it will be approved by the admin once they have uploaded their qualification and experience details. 
  • Students can search for the required tutor - by entering the name of the subject.
  • Can view all the details of tutors - like name, age, teaching experience, qualifications, course specifications, the rate charged per hour, and the reviews are given by other users. 
  • Book a suitable tutor’s services - if they find every factor favorable to them. 
  • Chat with the tutors directly - to inform them about doubts, request for a change in the timetable, ask them to teach a particular concept again for better understanding, and get tips to improve their overall score in the exams conducted after the completion of the course.
  • Rate the quality of the tutors - as per their professionalism, knowledge level of the subjects, overall behavior, and the various methods used while teaching. 
  • After the completion of the courses - the students can make the required online payment to the tutors. The amount is directly credited to the bank account or digital wallets of the tutors.

The crucial role played by Tutors in the Tutoring Service App


  • Can utilize the app to enroll new students for their courses.
  • Upload study material on the platform.
  • Modify their profile details like qualifications and work experience.
  • Accept or reject Tutor requests from the students.
  • Access their total earnings for all the courses taught over a period. 
  • Use the screen sharing facility to ensure more clarity for the students while grasping complex concepts.
  • Chat directly with the students through texts, video calls, and voice calls.  

What is the total cost of an Uber for Tutor app?


  • It is directly related to factors like the platform on which the app will be launched (Android or iOS, or both), the hourly rates charged by the experienced developer team, the complexity of features, the extent of customization, and the entire duration of development. 
  • The different stages include prototype development, UI/UX designing, frontend, and backend development, testing, launching, and marketing. 
  • Software updates, maintenance, bug fixing, code optimization, and technical support will cost extra. 

The various sources of revenue in an On-demand tutor app


  • The commission is charged - by the platform from the tutors for each tutoring session they conduct for the students.
  • Subscription plans - Tailor-made subscription plans can be offered for the students on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. 
  • Sponsor fees - Those tutors who have great knowledge of their subjects with rich teaching experience can be featured on the top of the platform to attract a huge number of students for their courses.
  • Advertisements - Educational content sourced from third parties can be displayed on the Tutoring services app.  This fetches consistent revenue based on the number of clicks, views, and inflow of traffic. 

As seen above, education, one of the basic rights for people has been democratized with the influx of multiple On-demand tutoring apps. The time is apt now to launch a cutting-edge Uber for Tutor app as smartphone usage and penetration of the Internet is at an all-time high. It will make a big impact in the market in a short time.



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