Earn Extra Income As a Amazon Affiliate Marketer


I have seen many people that want to start multiple sources of income.

And Amazon Affiliate marketing is one of the best affiliate programs. that gives you flexibility in time and extra income.


Benefits of the Amazon affiliate program:

1.    Amazon is a big marketplace, where you will find almost all the categories.

2.    It is a trusted brand.

3.    Easy to start


First, you have to register for the amazon affiliate program. For that, you required a blog or website.

Don't worry, you didn't require coding knowledge. 

You can use the content management system. 

And WordPress.org is the most popular CMS. more the 20% website is built on it.


Steps to start:

1.    Select your Niche

2.    Buy Domain & Hosting Space

3.    Install WordPress

4.    Theme & Plugins.


That's it. Now you have to write about the product. link it to your Amazon affiliate link.

Now, someone visits your page and click on the link and buy it then you will get a commission for that.


Okay, search on google "best smartphone under 20,000" and click on any top website.

you will find some review/information about smartphones and below that, you will find an affiliate link to that product.

Now, you may be worried about how you can write a better blog?

Secret Tip: Read about your niche. The more you read more you understand.


#1 Write like you are taking.

Don’t just tell facts and figures or write a professional letter. Write like you are speaking to someone else. So, Reader feels like someone is talking to him, seating next to him and he will be more focused. Everyone likes to read a story, not a Physic book.

#2 Join Conversation (Don’t Start one)

I join your conversation with your mind. Look at the starting of this email. I started with questions that may have in your mind. That’s why you are reading this email. Whenever you are going to write something, find your audience's thoughts, feeling. Trigger it first. So, your audience starts reading further because they want to know about it.


Still confused! Check this out: How to do Amazon Affiliate Marketing 


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