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Did you know you can make money online by doing things that you ussually do online for free? Stop wasting your data bundles while you can make a living out of it.

Below are ways to make money 2022 with an example of a site that provides the opportunity.

1. Write short articles.

Here you write just a short article ,post it and you get paid per the views you get.You dont need to be a pro aslong as you can write something that people can understand and be abit creative. The added advantage about this site is that you are allowed to share your article on other apps like Facebook so its easy for you to get views. Example of a site is mixreads.com

2. Interact with others on forums.

Here you get paid to like, comment and post threads. Example mylot.com. All you need is enough time to spend on those forums so as to increase your earnings.

3. Shortening links.

Here you get paid to shorten any link, it does not matter where you got it from as long as its valid and then you share it on social media and get paid per click. Example is Shrinkearn.com 

But the link you share contain ads so your viewer has to click continue after viewing the ads so as to view your content ,failure to that ,the view can not be counted.

4. Making videos.

You can chose to make videos of yourself doing different  things like dancing, cooking etc. And post it and get paid per view.

Example is youtube and tiktok.

Please dont sit their and be broke while you have a smart phone and data. Wake up! And give it a try.

Remember making an excuse is not an option.


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