Earning Money Online Real And Easy

How to Earn Money Online 2021 or 2020.      (Ap Online Pesy kesy kama sakty he) 

If you want Earn Money sorry Real money in 2020 or 2021 then you need to work hard.

Real Earning Way? 🤔 

Are you knw what is Real money? if you want Earn real money then join this post on the tell online Earning Money just 1 way  you know that what i want to say  real earnings way is hard work if you want real money then you will write.

You will write articles with your own ideas with your on thoughts. Are you agree with me? yes or know write you are Comnts.

AAfter writing articles Next step is you just create a blog or use this site Mixreads. com

i also suggests you for writing articles because this is only one job or one way for Earning real money in this time  so you just need only 2 things. for Earning with articles 

1. A Android Mobile 

2. Just 30 Minutes

just give 30 minutes only for Earning ok i have more ideas but these are difficult and ungrentiable but i tell you no. problm ok first off all 

1Android studio

are you know what is android studio? Android studio 1 of the most famous computer software for making android apps you just learn android studio and then you will. make apps or. applications for android phones and this app or application upload on play store and then maybe you will earn but this way is very difficult so as u wish as u like i just say article writing is very easy and best way for. earning money online so just write articles and earn money. Aha i think you have a question i know that

ddon't worry i knw this question so i answer you of this question how much earn for this way? all the basics on your work on your articles on your honesty on your hard work on your times very thing is dependent on your work .

online Earning is not easy all the steps all. the ways all the websites and all the softwares i think defaults and some softwares are fake so  just write articles and then upload any best websites for. example Mixreads.com are you know that this is. my first article so if you don't like my any words I sorry about all. i hope i will write better in my next articles, i say you again if you want Earn Money then join Mixreads.com or meny websites for paid articles join any site write articles then upload your articles on this site.

join Mixreads.com and earn real and much money i hope you understand what i want to say so. please write and earn Ok.

How To Earn In Pakistan..

Today's Very Fakes App or websites available on Internet, you know that money is very important for. every one so don't worry some websites or. apps give you money for work i. mean to say you just work and earn real money on Internet Many websites available but most famous and good working websites in Pakistan is Amazon,olx,Fiver,etc.

How to Work on Olx?.

olx is very famous and most useful website in Pakistan, meny people's Pakistan working on this site and. earn 100$ per day are. you blv this? olx 1 selling and buying paletfrom you just add your thing. or Goods for example you add your mobile you add your computer for selling and interested people dealing with you for buying these things mobile pc laptops etc etc. it's not big deal or not a tuff you just start your work and earn money.

Earning By Google.

How to Earn by Google are you know that we are earn easily big amount on Google are you know that?

meny ways for. earning on Google first of all you just make a blog  for writing articles you just write articles and post on your blog.

you will write best i hope so you try this

Now i Tell You How to Join Blogger i mean to say how to join Google for Earning ok. lets i tell you

First of All open your chrome are any browser then connect your Internet and then type on search bar www.blogger.com 

open website then singup with you are Gmail account and create a blog on bloger after creating blog you will post every day first writ article then post this on blog after 25 posts you can apply for Google adsanse 

are you know what is. Google adsanse not wory i tell you Google adsanse is a ads or advertisement platform of Google you just go on Google adsanse after 25 post and apply for approval when approved you are post you can start earning big money. 

How to Earn Money by Admob.

what is admob are you know that guys admob is also advertisements platform of Google in this platform you need just a application, Application means app if you you are expert in. android studio then you create your own app if not then paid for app maker. 

and after app. you will. upload this app. on Google play store when people using your app you will. earn big money in this post i. just tell you importent important words and if you have any questions then please comnts me i. will help you i. will reply you i. wll tell you any thing about your question don't worry now you have to. go. any platform and first of all singup and watch this website if you like then work if not like not work search any best websites or. start your own business on Internet or in real life don't worry guys keep simle take care bye bye. 


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