Easy ways to make money blogging Worldwide

ToAlot of scam/fraud has taking over the Nigeria (generally worldwide) network and we don't know which site to venture into. But with the research I made, I found means to avoid this internet frauds going on.

Here are tips on how to make money blogging

1. Mixreads: is a foreign platform in India which pays you for writing article. Some Will say how do I get my payment, remember I made reserch how to get payment keep reading to

2. Payoneer/Payza: is a world wide withdrawal payment for your businesses online, you get access of multiple international account, with this you can receive payment anywhere around the world

Follow this link to register with mixreads, to get the exact site follow this link https://mixreads.com/ref/jobakintola

Payoneer/Payza link


  • Note: for the Payoneer/Payza account you need your ID,Voters Card or Passport number


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      Biggo live is another way of earning money you earn money by creating live video like performing a song flirt etc you download it on your playstore and can aslo use payoneer as
  • payment for withdrawal 



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