Emerald Gemstone For Intelligence

Emerald, popularly known as panna, is an amazing gemstone, which is related to the planet Mercury or Budha, the planet of intellect and cleverness. According to Vedic Astrology, this wonderful stone harbingers immense mental strength and stronger powers of reasoning for the native.

The intellectual benefits of emerald are manifold, provided you wear it after consulting a learned astrologer to check out whether it is compatible with your horoscope or not.

Also, make sure that you buy a natural and unheated emerald for getting maximum benefits. To learn more about the intellectual benefits of emerald, one needs to understand how its ruling planet, Mercury, influences the intelligence and memory of the native.

Influence of Planet Mercury on Brain Power

Mercury or Budha is the astrological planet, which signifies intellect, communication skills, memory, creativity and wisdom and brain power. It represents education and literary affairs.

The planet also encourages analytical abilities and takes the native on a path to scholarly pursuits. A person with well-placed Mercury becomes inclined towards academic success as well as a promising career in communicative fields, such as politics and public relations.

It also provides benefits to those engaged in careers requiring great intelligence such as engineering, commerce and auditing. On the other hand, its malefic placement results in lack of intelligence and memory power, besides poor academic performance.

To overcome the ill effects of inauspicious Mercury, one can improve its position in the horoscope by wearing a good quality emerald gemstone.

When you wear this magical gemstone, the positive energy of Mercury is generated in your physical being, and is manifested in the form of strength of nervous system and better reasoning and analytical ability.

Positive Influence of Emerald on Intellect

Emerald has earned a reputation of being one of the most precious and powerful gemstones in astrology. Being the gemstone of Mercury, emerald is known to influence the intelligence and memory of a native to a great extent, so that he may get great success in competitive exams as well as have a flourishing career.

Emerald is considered particularly effective for children who suffer from poor memory and stammer in speech, with the aim to improve their intelligence as well as academic performance. The stone helps harness the positive energy of the human brain and channelize it effectively, to achieve success in academics as well as trade and business.

Additionally, emerald bears a positive influence on teaching, learning, writing and drawing, all of which are essential aspects of intellectually. This makes it an ideal gemstone for educationists, teachers, writers, lecturers and people who establish educational institutions.

In this way, this amazing gemstone goes a long way in sharpening your intellect and takes you ahead on the road of academic success. Emerald should be worn with proper rituals for getting 100% benefits from it. To learn the best method to wear an emerald, you must consult an expert before wearing it.

Additionally, it is important to buy a good quality emerald as well as checking the price of emerald before you purchase it.


Emerald, the auspicious gemstone related to the planet Mercury or Budha, plays a vital role in the process of sharpening the intellect and memory of an individual.

This gemstone appeases Mercury, which is revered as the planet of intellect and communication skills. This gemstone is considered to have a positive influence on academic performance as well as professional success. 


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