Everything you Need to Know about Moving House Plants

Moving day is really exciting as well as hectic too. But did you forget about your house plants? Plants are really sensitive and they can sense any changes around them. People say plants don’t have feelings but little did they know they can become ill too if they get some negative energy around them. There might be many plants of religious values, emotional values, medicinal plants, indoor and outdoor plants, small and large ones, etc. in your home. Many plants might be strong enough to go through the whole process of moving while some can die in the transit or after reaching your destination if not taken care of.

Your plants will need time to adjust from all the shock of a move. Just ensure that they have been watered properly and look after them until and unless they are happily flowing again. Here are some things that you must know about moving house plants safe and secure from one place to another.

Make a plan

Planning is essential for doing anything and moving house plants also needs a lot of attention. You will have to make a shifting process and space according to them. you will need extra space for them as you can just put anything above or beside them as it may harm. You will have to see what all plants do you need at your new home. Make a checklist of all the plants you want to take and about all the things that will be needing by them, such as manure, fertilizers, etc.

Check the environment

Make sure your plants are ready for the environment of your new house. Some plants can only live in certain temperatures and you must ensure that your new home will be a good territory for them.

Check their allowance

Many states do not allow certain type of plants at their territory due to some dangerous effects they might have on other living species. Maybe they are harmful for some types of crops or they require a certain type of chemical fertilizer or manure that might not be allowed in that state. Check all the details before moving your plants out as it will hurt a lot to make a grave for them in your new lawn.

Make sure to inspect them before move

You must ensure that you are taking care of your plant’s health and must replace their old soil with fresh soil at least 2-3 days before moving out. It helps to prevent any pest infestation like bugs or termites in your new home. Changing soil gives freshness to your plants. Give them a trimming as much they require. Know about their flowering season if they are in their process while you are moving then your move may disturb their cycle and can stop them from producing.

Get proper packaging material

Plants are sensitive and you must need proper packaging material according to them. There might be some sort of ribbons, tapes, plastic wraps, packaging paper for plants, etc. that you will require to pack them up safely. You might also pack your small plants in paperboard boxes or some foil sealed bags to at least make them breathe while in transit.

Water them

Your plants need to be properly hydrated before 2 days of moving out. Do not water them on the moving day as it will only weigh you more. Water them and keep them aside to have their soil settled for the moving day.

Pack them properly

Before starting your packing, sort them out on the basis of their size and type. Separate small and large plants and indoor and outdoor plants. Indoor and outdoor plants are different and require specific attention. Small plants might not need much of your help but make sure they are in good condition before packing them up. You might need to trim your large plants and remove any excess or damaged material. If there are any weed growing then take it out before packaging as they might make your plants ill. Use cardboard boxes for small plants. First, tie them if they are spreading out and wrap them up with packaging paper. You might need to tie your large plants carefully and cover them properly using plastic wraps or aluminium foils. Pack them on the moving day only, make holes in those boxes and keep them aside where they can breathe. Label them as ‘living’ to let the movers know what they are handling.

During the move

Transit is the most dangerous part of moving them to a new location. They are in a closed container and who knows if your moving professionals put some things over them by mistake. It is advised you keep them securely on the floor of the moving truck to avoid any damage to them. Make sure you cushion them from all around so that they do not fall or other things do not fall over them. If you are moving them by your vehicle them, make sure you have put proper gears to protect them from getting damaged. You must also make sure if your moving company might arrange some temperature-controlled cabins for them. You must also make sure that you are taking stops periodically according to the season and weather out there.

After arriving

Congratulations on making a successful move for your plants. Now you need to unpack them properly making sure that you do not make their leaves fall. Make sure they are in the condition as they were in before. If there are any damages then take certain measures to heal them. Try to make an environment friendly for them. buy them some new friends. Make them settled down to that new environment to help them recover and grow.

Put them in their appropriate position

Plants are sensitive and indoor plants can’t live outside and outdoor plants can’t live inside. It is advised that you make sure that they are in their appropriate position after reaching your new home.


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