Everything You Should Know About Cancer

The number of people who die from cancer each year is projected to increase by 25% over the next decade. To avoid this ranking as well, India needs to start talking about their condition more and visit a doctor when needed!

Cancer & Its Causes

India is a country that faces an unfortunate burden of cancer, as 6 lac people in India suffer from it every year and 3000 die. The most common types among men are oral cancers due to excessive intake of tobacco products which accounts for about 25% cases; lung (~17%), throat(~10%)& more aren't known yet but appear at this stage . For example , breast cancer is the most frequent type amongst women aged over 50 because they develop them twice on average earlier than normal age groups do-once after childbirth when hormonal changes occur like increase levels of hormonally related oestrogen then again during postmenopause due both natural decreases.

Treatment In India v/s Abroad

India is one of the best destinations for Best Cancer Treatment In India, and it has a lot to offer. Treatment in India can be up to 700% cheaper than other countries due largely on cost alone; not just because they have better prices but also access medication that isn't available elsewhere such as 3 month quickness here when compared with overseas treatments where it could take over 2 years!. India has established itself as a top cancer country with world-class treatment facilities.

Cancer Treatment Types in India

The course of treatment for cancer depends on the diagnosis and stage. The most common treatments in India include Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy; a combination thereof can also be used - such as surgery with radiation or chemotherapy plus X-rays to shrink tumors before they are removed by doctors with instruments like razor blades (known colloquially as "snippets"). Another possibility is Immunotherapy which tries to prevent signs & symptoms from returning through vaccines made up specifically against your own anti-body proteins so that it's difficult if not impossible for them reoccur should you get another tumor again down the line!

Cancer Treatment Cost IN INDIA


The price of cancer treatment varies depending on the type and stage. Chemo is typically more costly than radiation therapy, but some patients need both to enjoy a full recovery from their disease without surgery or chemotherapy alone becoming ineffective at curing them completely like it sometimes does in advanced cases when nothing else can be done due just being too late for those affected by terminal cancers which have spread throughout one's entire body before reaching critical regions such as lungs, liver etc..


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