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Freelancing jobs only need the skills, good grammar, and passion for an individual to start no need of experience because you can learn from zero. Just imagine turning your passion into an income if you have a passion for writing you can easily make money through it. What you still waiting for just sign up on the website am going to discuss and start making money with no experience. Be brave and always be ready to take risks to venture into new things I know these websites might be new to you but don't hesitate to create an account to start making extra cash. Writing is so sweet and cool because you are in a position to learn new things every day and gaining a strong grasp of the English language doesn’t doubt yourself you can write. Below are the websites with ready and available jobs to the freelancer:

·         Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform with a large population to be a member you just have to register and an email is sent to you for verification purposes.  This site is user-friendly the dashboard is easy to use, we have the to-do list which contains the list of gigs to be completed. We have the revenue tab which has payment methods. If you want to post any gig you have to answer some questions first after that post a logo that represents what you are going to offer. You have to indicate the number of words you can write at $5 also a person can move from level 1 to level 2 in which the income increase.

·         Upwork

This is a very popular site where freelancers (individual contractors) and clients (business) meet in other words it is an outsourcing marketplace. A freelancer is supposed to bid which is to write a proposal to a client concerning a certain project. The project must contain skills that the freelancer has for him/her to apply, as a worker ensure you are comfortable with the turnaround time which is the deadline you should be able to meet a deadline. As a new, you need to be patient and hardworking to submit loads of proposals but after you land a gig this will help build your reputation and trust from clients leading to more work.


It is a website with a large number of people it works just like Upwork you have to bid for projects. Focusing on the turnaround time is necessary this will help build your profile also, quality work is a must this will enable you to go for a 5-Star rating. When you are a newbie be ready to work on low pay jobs don't see it as exploitation but helps you to grow as a freelancer and building your credential. A good profile will attract more clients leading to jobs thus increasing your earnings. In this platform, the client is in control of payment the site just helps in holding the payment waiting for instructions from the client on when to be released.

·         iwriter

It among the best platforms for freelance writers to work on the website you start by creating an account after filling in your details you will be asked to submit a sample of 250 words to gauge your grammar and writing skills. When you are accepted on the platform you will be able to select a work that matches your skills you will be able to get clients to work with. You will earn more money as you increase your level of writing.

·         Guru

It’s among the best freelancing site for finding freelance jobs. When setting up your profile choose skills and your area of expertise so that you can get notifications on jobs that match your skills. Also, upload some samples on your profile so that the client can see the work you can provide. An advantage of this platform is that you can easily give your price at an hourly rate.

·         People-per-hour

In this platform, a writer has to sign up create a profile and write the skills he/she has and can offer. Bidding is needed on this platform when a freelancer feels like he can work on a certain project he sends the proposal to the client then waits for the feedback if accepted the job will be awarded to him. To get more work you have to be sharp and apply early for the work you got a high chance to grab that project. The trick in this platform is to have a good portfolio to attract clients, quality work, and a proposal with good words to convince the client.


Over the year freelancing writing has grown to compare to the past this because of the improvement of technology which has enabled many people to access the internet. Many people are trying to earn extra income through freelancing which is a positive impact on our economy. It is good if we all try this website just take the risk of trying  venture into new things no registration fee need only a good grammar and a passion in writing these websites can change our life. 


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