From Porsche to Prada: See How Technologies Push Luxury Brands into the Future

Will innovation in Extended Reality (XR) has left you searching for your next Birkin from the ease of your Boffi bathtub? This era is here already, to those with the knowledge. Yes, you can pull the trigger a view of your dream Porsche using virtual technology. In the luxury niche, where fans are long on usable income but lack time, prestige brands are more and more embracing modernism as the way to remain in front of the curve.

XR stands for Extended Reality and is a general term used to refer to the well-known forms of innovative technologies, known as, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR). MR is the new child on the block of innovative technologies, connecting interaction between the digital and real world. MR allows digital objects to be put in our atmosphere, with the additional function of being able to interrelate with such objects. Lavishness brands incorporate XR to increase the craving and demands of a younger, more technological-driven customer base.

Visual Reality

For esteem brands like Rolex, it’s vital to remain on top of the arc and set the trends for others to follow. One of the world’s most desirable watchmakers, Rolex has an AR app that permits chronic collector customers to try on virtual watches on their wrists. Watch aficionados party in seeing extended images of Rolex models superimposed right where they want them. For this Haute horology cohort, Rolex’s AR app is a weekend worthy search over brunch a world of whimsical should I get it in Platinum and Gold conjecture as you shine off the final part of the Mimosas.

Porsche’s AR Visualiser App allows you to build your dream Carrera, and then see it parked in your home entrance. Design junkies enjoy comparing how each color and trim pop in their driveway. The user can make the normal choices a configuration has to present, such as color wheel styles, however, Porsche didn’t stop there. It also gives a peek under the surface at the car’s mechanical components, together with specs and other information. More app users of Porsche’s online configuration get a kick out of making the car sound its exhaust, or increasing and reducing its spoiler. Driving mode is amusing as well, which allows you to drive the car around your selected surroundings so you can see the wheel designs in movement. Talk about improved browsing from the comfort of your home.

Visualize and See it in Action

On the luxury hotel front, the chances to excel in the competition are never-ending. Taking advantage of the latest innovations in XR technology, JW Marriott, Anaheim Resort revealed its Secret Butterfly Garden and interactive amplified reality knowledge to the pleasure of guests and locals alike. Imagine piloting a digital forest and statue garden intended to light the senses, transferring you to a magical kingdom. Use of Smartphone when interacting with the features in the garden, hotel clients visit the second-floor rooftop of the JW Marriott, Anaheim Resort to find out this one-of-a-kind system. The attractively crafted system is covered by over 600 titanium butterflies that light up in diverse shades of blues. Once linked, guests are directed during a three-piece description using the camera on their device to interrelate with the statues.

It all concludes with planting an unbelievable tree that takes its color and form from resolutions made during the encounter. Here, we see amplified truth in performance contemplation that visually and metaphorically bind guests to this space on the JW Marriott, Anaheim Resort’s West Deck. The innovative and premium amplified sculpture narrative shows the forward-thinking guest knowledge that JW Marriott is famous. This is an interactive art expedition that opens the artist amongst all customers. The knowledge continually transforms with time, as the garden’s boundary consists of youthful bamboo and Clementine trees that compliment the city’s agricultural history.

In latest years, hotels have added an overabundance of new technologies to their procedures. Marriott’s rollout of this type of AR goes agrees with the trend-setting scenery of luxury brands. Imagine present technology combined with growing robust immersive VR developments, similar to what Marriott is employing to elevate the curtain on virtual tours of their properties, to generate a virtual experience inclusive with an AI concierge. Hotels integrating AR technology take on guests in a diverse knowledge that merges reality and virtuosity. In case a soon-to-wed couple is looking for a suitable hotel banquet room, they may require visiting many hotels. Another intelligent use for AR equipment is to allow prospective clientele to distantly enter hotels’ virtual spaces so they can choose the banquet rooms to meet their expectations.

Luxury brands are taking full advantage of making the most of these new tools to improve their empirical promotion A-game. Prada was one of the first luxury brands to adopt this technology with multiple VR knowledge for customers to hook up to its brand through immersive appliances obtainable for download on Apple and Oculus. In 2021, the Italian brand offered its compilations with immersive 360 degrees VR. Dior prominently made use of VR to generate ‘Dior Eyes’ which presents a fascinating look at the behind-the-scenes video recording of the brand’s ready-to-wear fashion show.

Visual Reality in the Sky

Given how many brick-and-mortar vendors have been forced to change the way they trade to restrain the spread of COVID-19, XR has become a key strategic component as online shopping is during the new normal. We all understand the snafus that lie ahead of us with online procurement. AR gives customers a way to try on items to evaluate well-matched fit and style.

The inspiring new potential for fashion design and trade look brilliant as Microsoft connect forces with London College Fashion, UAL. Microsoft and LCF initiated a go-getting challenge for potential leaders to build up businesses powered by Microsoft’s most edge-cutting technologies. Students at London College of Fashion are redesigning a more practical fashion business from creating approachable activewear that couples the Microsoft HoloLens with wearable sensor equipment to assist athlete therapy, to no waste pattern that applies Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services to get rid of waste in garments production.


The advantages of XR are reaching international audiences with no trouble, following digital commitment, with virtual realism solutions providing customers a new way of engagement with luxury brands. No doubt, XR is thrusting the luxury business into the future as well as bold new-fangled frontiers.


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